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Dealing with Difficult Tenants

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Landlords in San Diego are fortunate to have many reliable tenants. These residents are the kind of people who respect the lease and the neighborhood. They are not loud and obnoxious and will not damage the property. Some people, however, are not good tenants at all. These can be a headache and create a lot of dissension. The first reaction would be to take extreme measures, but that is not a good idea. Bad tenants have the same rights under California law as anyone else and they will use the statutes. There are ways of dealing with difficult tenants which do not require taking extreme measures.



1. Uphold the Lease

It is the first line of defense in any tenant dispute and property management companies in San Diego know that. The lease sets the policies and procedures for inhabiting an apartment or rental house, and a tenant cannot arbitrarily break the lease. A landlord should be ready to explain the lease before formal signing and encourage the new tenants to read everything before they sign.

2. Understand the Law

California has specific rules for dealing with difficult tenants and these steps must be followed. The law does not mean that a bad tenant can never be evicted; they can be. It is important that a landlord follow proper procedure with all the necessary notifications and meetings.

3. Document Everything

It doesn’t matter if you own an apartment complex or just one rental. Every instance where there has been a problem with the tenant must be put down in writing. Trying to rely on memory is dangerous because what you recall may be entirely different from what the tenant remembers. Keeping a file on each tenant, noting when there are any problems, will help in dealing with issues which arise later.

4. Safety Is Important

Some tenants are involved in unlawful activity. There may be others who are violent and may be a threat to neighbors. Safety is critical in these situations. If you need to call the police, then do so. The well-being of your other tenants may require this action.

5. Always Act Professionally

A bad tenant is going to play rough. He or she may provoke you to get a response which they might be able to use later against you. It is important, therefore, to remain calm and behave professionally. Keep in mind that somebody who was insulting you is also testing you. Professional behavior is the best defense against somebody who is provoking you.

6. Make Use of a Property Management Company

Property is a good investment but does require time and effort. The demands on a landlord grow as the real estate portfolio expands. It is a smart idea to take advantage of the services a property management company in San Diego can offer. These professionals know how to deal with an unruly tenant while at the same time maintaining the value of the investment. Using a third-party frees up a landlord’s time to do other things. While there are many such establishments in the area, Alta Vista Properties is one of the best.


Alta Vista Properties

Alta Vista Properties has been in the industry for more than 30 years and we are very familiar with rental property in San Diego. We can take care of the day-to-day requirements of property management, while at the same time offering other services to a landlord. If we need to deal with an unruly tenant, we know how to do it professionally and legally.

We have other services we provide for clients. Everything we do is to maintain a good return on investment and protect the value of a client’s property. Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions.


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Protecting A Property Investment

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Property is not cheap. Landlords in San Diego take out sizable loans to purchase apartments and homes for rent. These are investments that should produce income and expenses must be reasonable. Property damage will eat into any profit and a landlord must be careful. There are ways to protect a property investment from being harmed.

1. The Lived in Look
Apartments are going to be vacant for periods between tenants and that is a given in the real estate industry. However, an apartment that is vacant is a target for vandals. A landlord should make certain that the apartment at least appears to be currently occupied. This can include daily visits and scheduling lights in the apartment to be on at night.

2. Never Limit Walk-Throughs
Doing routine checks of an apartment is a routine job, but too often a landlord will limit these inspections to new tenants. Those who have lived in an apartment for a few years can also cause damage or ignore the signs of needed repair. Even if the tenant has been reliable in the past, it is critical to schedule walk-throughs of their apartment as well.

3. Do a Complete Background Check
Landlords want vacancies filled as soon as possible, but care is necessary. A background check, which must be nondiscriminatory, must include investigations into whether a prospective tenant has a history of property damage. Former landlords ordinarily are more than willing to share such information. Be sure to ask for it.

4. Pay Attention to the Lease
A landlord’s standard lease must also include stipulations as to what happens if there is damage while a person is a resident. It is important to explain to the tenant what is required.

5. Always Have a Security Deposit
Vacating tenants might leave California, forcing the landlord to assume the cost of any repairs. Security deposits are standard rental instruments and a reasonable deposit can cover any damages which might have been overlooked.

6. Always Document
Any conversations or meetings with a tenant about the property should be documented and kept on file. Any damage, whether intentional or accidental, needs to be part of the record of any tenant.

7. Deal with Reputable Contractors
Unfortunately, some of the expense of repair work is a result of unethical contractors padding the bills. A landlord should never have to pay hidden fees, and the contractor should be able to explain exactly what was done to the property.


Rely on Alta Vista Properties

Property management companies in San Diego vary in quality. Some are excellent while others are marginal performers who sometimes generate unnecessary expenses. Alta Vista Properties is a property management company in San Diego that is known for quality of service and the ability to maintain client properties.

We do comprehensive background checks on all prospective tenants, checking to be sure they can be trusted with property maintenance. We believe in transparency and new tenants are fully briefed on what we expect of them as per the lease. Property security is important, and we are on guard for any possibility of vandalism. When it comes to any work that is done on the property, we use only those contractors with whom we have done business in the past. These professionals are aware of what we expect and will only bill a client for work performed.

We have other services for landlords that makes owning rental property convenient, as well as profitable. We use electronic transfers for rent collection and our clients have a portal on our website for all the various documents and reports. Alta Vista Properties will go the distance to maintain the value of any client’s investment.

Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions.


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Maintaining Property Value with Inspections

landlord inspection property management tenant real estate san diego maintain property value

Location does affect property prices, but the property’s value is about more than just a street address. Apartments and houses can deteriorate if a landlord in San Diego does not pay attention.

Accidents will happen and the weather will cause damage. Repairs will become increasingly more expensive if ignored. Holes in the wall invite vermin infestation and leaky pipes will breed black mold. Property management companies should follow these simple guidelines to maintain property value.

  1. Pre-and Post-occupancy Inspections
    Checking rentals before a tenant occupies it and after that same person leaves lets a property manager know if any damage was caused by the tenant while in residence. If there is repair work, the cost will come out of the security deposit.
  2. Routine Rental Inspections
    This is a great way to stay on top of repair work. A property management company in San Diego can schedule these property reviews at a convenient time for the tenant. Inspection need not be too long, and it can cover specific areas. Necessary repairs are then addressed.
  3. Make It Convenient for Tenants
    Most tenants will not try to hide damage. They will report problems and the property manager should make it easy to give notice of damage. A website that has a damage reporting page is a smart idea. It encourages tenants to report problems and repair contractors can be immediately contacted.
  4. Use Reliable Contractors
    A reliable contractor does not cut corners. An ethical contractor is compliant with local building codes. The company will also not pad the bill and charge only for work completed. Property managers should have a list of reliable contractors who will do the required repairs.


You Can Look to Alta Vista Properties to Maintain Property Value

We have offered service to landlords in San Diego for almost 40 years and we recognize the importance of value. The last thing we ever want a client to confront is a distressed sale of property or having a multi-unit rental condemned for a violation of building code. Alta Vista Properties does everything they can to be sure that those properties we manage are in excellent condition.

We inspect the property on a routine basis and especially before and after a tenant leaves. Enforcing the safety deposit deduction for damage is a sensitive issue, but we can handle this. We do routine inspections of apartments and rental houses, checking for any damage that needs immediate repair.

We deal only with contractors of high integrity. Those plumbers and building maintenance contractors with whom we do business have a reputation for honesty. They will not pad the bill with hidden or unexplained costs. They also will only charge for work they do. Everything they do complies with the local building codes.


We Use Courtesy and Diplomacy with Tenants

Alta Vista Properties cultivates a working relationship with all tenants. We are transparent in our dealings and we are willing to explain any part of the lease. We are polite when it comes to arranging for inspections. We make certain that our inspection comes at a convenient time for the tenant and we respect their property. We are very proud of the reputation we have established with renters in San Diego. Tenants want to renew their leases with a property managed by Alta Vista Properties.

We have other services we provide for clients. Everything we do is to maintain a good return on investment and protect the value of a client’s property. Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions.

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Make a Smart Selection

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Property management in San Diego is not easy. The apartments and rental homes can be attractive investments, but the purchase and maintenance are not cheap, and a landlord may be spending hundreds of thousands of dollars just for a couple of units. Moreover, there are details which must be covered or the property is not going to yield any investment income. It makes sense to have a good property manager take care of things. Any landlord in San Diego who is looking for a good property management company ought to keep a few things in mind when reviewing the possible managers.


1. What Is the Attention to Detail?
A property manager is going to be doing more than just collecting the rent. There is day-to-day activity that requires attention. This includes damage to the property and any housing code violation. A good property manager will be able to provide evidence that there are routine inspections of apartments and rental houses.


2. How Is Rent Collected and Is the Collection Efficient?
Rent is the income stream all landlords want to have. It is important to get the money collected and have it in the client’s accounts as soon as possible. Every good property management company in San Diego understands this and works to expedite rent collection.

A landlord must ask how the money is collected and received into the accounts. If the property management company is still using door-to-door collection, collection by mail, or collection by dropbox then this company is not doing an efficient job. Each one of those methods is an invitation for theft. It is important that the property management company use electronic transfers and have an idea of how long it will take for the money to move to another account.


3. What Is the Marketing Strategy?
Tenants are going to come and go as time moves on. It is not logical to expect that a tenant is going to stay in the same apartment for decades. Vacancies are going to occur, and these openings must be filled as soon as possible. A landlord should ask what the standard marketing strategy the property manager uses to get new tenants.

There ought to be social media exposure such as a Twitter account or Facebook page. Social media can also help a landlord find the right third-party property administrator. Comments made on consumer opinion platform, such as Yelp, will give an idea of the reputation a company has in the community.


4. What Is the Relationship with Tenants?
Property management companies should have good working relationships with all the tenants. There should not be any major complaints from anyone who lives in the rental property. Referrals ought to come from existing tenants and, if possible, tenants who have left properties managed by the company.

A good idea is to ask the prospective property manager how the company ordinarily handles complaints. This information will suggest how the property manager will treat a landlord’s existing tenant population.


Depend on Alta Vista Properties

We have been providing superior service to landlords in San Diego for decades. Our reputation is excellent, and it is reflected in our Better Business Bureau reports. Tenants stay with us for extended periods.

We make use of electronic transfers of rent money and we also use social media to market any vacancies. Our own website is client friendly and gives the landlord access to reports and other important information. We are proud of the fact that we are one of the leading property management companies in the area.

Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached online at, by phone at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions.


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An Effective Marketing Strategy Helps Fill Vacancies

Real estate marketing in San Diego has evolved over the years. Print media is still used, but other avenues need to be explored. Apartments are in demand, but good tenants are not always easy to attract. Landlords in San Diego must keep rentals occupied but they are competing for the best residents. A good marketing strategy will keep apartments occupied.  It is important to stay up to date with current industry trends. Property management companies in San Diego may use various tactics but the overall marketing strategy adheres to several core principles.

property management rentals san diego real estate marketing sales social media facebook instagram twitter yelp

1.Visual Content.
Interested renters will look at pictures of the apartments before visiting them. Consequently, it is important that any pictures of the property be taken by professional photographers and not smartphone cameras.

Video might also be used and editing is going to be extremely important. The best features of the apartment must be shown with an eye towards professional presentation.

2.The Website.
A good property management company in San Diego has its own website. The Internet space is used to provide images of the apartment and includes useful information about the property. Web content is an essential part of presenting the property on a website. A good copywriter is going to be able to highlight the most attractive features and have answers for preliminary questions.

The website itself must be easy to navigate. The overall design and content of the website should be one a search engine can easily find and be interesting so that a person browsing the web will spend a little time on the pages.

3. Leads and Referrals.
Property management companies need to cultivate a bank of leads and referrals for properties. Being able to track down the right tenant is going to save an awful lot of time and prevents a great deal of frustration.

Existing tenants are some of the best leads and referrals for a property management company. These are ordinarily very satisfied with their apartment and are willing to provide information. The tenants can also be encouraged to spread the word and refer good people with various incentives, such as a temporary discount on rent for some time.

4. Proactive Use of Social Media.
Instagram and Facebook accounts are helpful but a platform that property manager overlook is Yelp. This is a consumer comment board where people give reviews. A property management company can optimize the use of Yelp by encouraging satisfied tenants to post comments. It can include sending emails to these tenants that have the link to the Yelp account.

Our Marketing Program

Alta Vista Properties makes use of a proactive marketing strategy to get apartments and rental houses occupied. We take advantage of social media and we also use professional photographers for promotional images. Our website is easy to navigate and we direct people to the right places. Content is easy to understand and provides valuable information. We know that we are competing against other companies and we have risen to the challenge for more than 30 years. We have a solid reputation in the community for being an industry leader.

Alta Vista Properties dedicates itself to serving the client. We offer many property management benefits to guarantee a good return on investment. These include electronic rental transfers, client portals on our website and report preparation, among others. We can fulfill client needs while keeping costs down, and our reputation is the community is stellar. All you have to do is check our Better Business Bureau file for verification.

Our clients have a long-term relationship with us and it is due to the services we provide, including information about housing rules and regulations. Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600, by email at or online at We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions.


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Living by The Code

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The building codes in San Diego are intended to keep houses and apartments habitable. The rules maintain a high quality of life and a community with a healthy environment. Building codes place a considerable responsibility on the shoulders of the landlords in San Diego. Complaints can be filed for many reasons including, but not limited to:

  • Mold complaints
  • Plumbing and mechanical violations
  • Noise
  • Parking in the front yard

The building codes may vary from one municipality to another. Compliance can be a nightmare for any landlord who has property in several places. Therefore, using a property management company in San Diego is a smart business decision. Alta Vista Properties is one of the best in San Diego.


Stopping a Problem from Happening

Prevention is worth a pound of cure as we all know. Alta Vista Properties concentrates on stopping problems before these issues get serious. We perform periodic inspections of the properties. These are done at a convenient time for the tenants and enable us to inspect living conditions. The tenants are encouraged to report damage as soon as possible. We have a page on our website to make reporting convenient.

Not all property management companies in San Diego are mindful of building codes. Alta Vista Properties is a student of the regulations. We know what municipalities expect and we stay current on any changes. We will advise clients wanting to do renovation work and point out what the code allows. Green regulations are becoming more common and we know about the green codes in the client’s communities.

Property owners ignore building codes at their own risk. Mold, faulty plumbing, or problems with electrical wiring may result in fines. Worst case situations include property being vacated until changes are made and the same property being condemned. The latter causes a substantial investment loss. Alta Vista Properties takes any damage seriously. We will not delay on necessary repairs. Other companies may have to search for repair contractors and might not hire the best. We have a list of contractors with whom we have a long-term relationship. These professionals know what we expect of them. They will only charge for work they do, and all effort will comply with building codes.


Avoiding Problem Tenants

Prevention goes beyond simply checking for repairs. Some tenants have a history of abusing the property or letting damage go unfixed. Those are the people we try to stay away from and Alta Vista Properties will check the record for any past difficulties. Our screening process is nondiscriminatory, and we rely on property damage reports and other indications that a prospective tenant may be negligent. We remind current tenants of the importance of reporting repairs and maintaining the apartment or house. The lease a tenant signs with us reminds that person of the obligations to keep the property well and sound. The tenant needs to do everything to make sure they leave the apartment in the same condition they originally found it.

We understand that a client may find the building codes annoying. We have worked with property owners for decades and we understand some of the frustration. Nevertheless, Alta Vista Properties knows how important it is to maintain those building codes. Apartments and houses in San Diego command a high price and should not be allowed to deteriorate. We consider those codes as a means of preserving the investment of our clients and we make sure that the properties we manage are compliant with all statutes regarding the acceptable maintenance of the structure.

Our clients have a long-term relationship with us and it is due to the services we provide, including information about housing rules and regulations. Please inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions!


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Introducing Our Newest Team Member, Chelsea!

chelsea carl alta vista properties property management san diego real estate la jolla customer service excellent efficient

Alta Vista Properties is happy to introduce the newest addition to our team, Chelsea!

Chelsea is taking over as receptionist, and will be your first point of contact if you call the office with any issues or inquiries.

Dedicated to excellent customer service, Chelsea looks forward to helping you with your property management needs!


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, don’t hesitate to give our office a call at 858-274-3600 or visit!


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Changes Coming in 2019

property management landlord real estate san diego rental lease

Change is always going to happen, and the new year will see some new developments in property management. Landlords in San Diego should be taking a careful look at what is expected to happen in the 2019 property industry. The same is true for property management companies in San Diego. They must be alert to what will be happening in the coming months. Here are some of the changes that are being predicted in this new year.

The Impact of Millennials
This demographic is going to comprise a major share of tenants and property management companies in San Diego must take note of them. Millennials may decide to purchase houses instead of renting, or they may continue to rent, but they expect greater value for the rent they pay. Marketing and rental leases must reflect the tastes of this group which is now beginning to dominate the American economy.

Retention, Retention, Retention
Housing construction starts are expected to increase for the next few years. It means that there will be more houses on the market and people may turn towards property purchase as opposed to renting. A property management company in San Diego needs to work on relationships with existing tenants and see to it that they have a reason to stay right where they are. It can include raising rents slowly and developing cost-containment ideas to maintain return on a client’s investment.

Retention might also include using technology to encourage renters to stay. While some may think that solar energy panels will be highly persuasive, something that is appealing to all kinds of tenants, such as being able to pay rent or report repair needs by a smart phone, may convince reliable tenants to renew their leases. Offering free Wi-Fi or smart lockers might be what tips the scale in favor of staying.

Changing Attitudes and Government
Rent in San Diego has been rising steadily over the years and is causing some grumbling in the general public. Government might step in with drastic measures such as rent control. Landlords and property managers must keep an eye on where government is heading when it comes to the question of rent. This isn’t just in San Diego itself, but also in the suburbs.

Increasing Competition within the Industry
Property management is a competitive industry and staying ahead will mean checking on what other property management companies are doing. Keeping reliable clients will require being able to respond to what other property management companies are offering. It is not out of the question that a company might lose reliable clients to a startup that is offering incentives such as landlord insurance.

property management landlord real estate san diego rental lease

We know the importance of industry trends; we have been following them for years. Change can creep up on a property manager and poor preparation holds serious consequences. Alta Vista Properties will be ready for any new developments this year. We revise our marketing, tenant relations, and technology if trends suggest the improvements are prudent.

We do any changes with our core values in mind. Keeping property value up, maintaining a steady stream of rent income, and providing good services to tenants will always be part of Alta Vista Properties activities.

2019 is going to be full of opportunities to profit and a property management company in San Diego must be vigilant. Landlords can depend on Alta Vista Properties to stay abreast of the trends and use change to enhance a client’s investment.

Our clients have a long-term relationship with us and it is due to the services we provide, including information about housing rules and regulations. Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions!


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The Good, the Bad, and Those in the Middle

Tenants vary in character. The best are very reliable, the worst are not trustworthy, and everyone else has good intentions but will forget things or act silly. Property management companies in San Diego have seen them all. Some of these property professionals don’t quite know what to do with certain residents, however. Alta Vista Properties has been in the business for many years. We know how to manage tenant relations.
Hidden in Plain Sight
Potentially bad tenants in San Diego are not a mystery. Frankly, they hide in plain sight. They leave a record behind of complaints filed with various public agencies, especially the police department. Former landlords in San Diego will also comment on problems they experience with obnoxious residents. It requires a thorough background check to find the problem. Not all landlords are willing to do that, and they are in a rush to fill the space. It results in an unreliable person occupying the apartment.
Alta Vista Properties firmly believes that discrimination is not acceptable. Nevertheless, we do think that a complete background check is the only way to safeguard our clients from a financial disaster. We will conduct nondiscriminatory reference checks and consult with former landlords. We want to be sure that a prospective tenant pays the rent on time, does not damage property, and is a good neighbor. Keeping an eye on the various nondiscriminatory laws in San Diego, we can find good tenants whom we can trust.
Education Stops Problems
Many people have the best intentions, but do not understand the lease they signed. Alta Vista Properties will take time to acquaint the person with the lease before they sign. We encourage questions and allow person to take as much time as practicable to review the lease. Once that paper is signed, Alta Vista Properties will live up to its side of the deal. We do not have hidden clauses or special practices. A tenant can expect full compliance with that agreement.
We coach tenants on how to report damage. A good tenant will try to repair a mistake and while the idea has a good intention, it is a bad mistake. Amateurs should not try to fix leaky pipes or problems with the air conditioning. We want reliable contractors, the type whom we have dealt with in the past, to address these problems. We know that such people will only charge for the work done without any hidden fees. We trust these contractors because of experience and the good standing they have with the Better Business Bureau.
Honest Rent Payment
We discovered in our years of property management that most tenants are more than willing to pay the rent. Unfortunately, a person’s day gets hectic and attention is directed to other things. The traditional methods of rent payment can result in forgetting to pay, not paying on time, or even having the rent stolen. We want rent to be honestly collected and that is why we do not go door-to-door. Instead, we will use electronic transfers. Alta Vista Properties and the tenant arrange for money to be moved from the tenant’s bank accounts to those of the landlord. It is all done on a specific day of the month, so the tenant can budget properly for it. The electronic transfers mean there is no hassle and the rents are paid promptly.
Alta Vista Properties manages tenant relations with emotional intelligence and experience gained over time. It is no surprise that many tenants renew their leases with us. They respect our professionalism and think of Alta Vista Properties as a property management company in San Diego they can trust.
Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions

San Diego Renters Appreciate Convenience

Life in San Diego can be hectic. Traffic congestion plays on your nerves and urban noise does not make life any easier. Tenants in San Diego are concerned about location, but that doesn’t always seal the deal and get them to sign a lease. Peace and quiet are what they truly want. Landlords in San Diego can promote tranquility by offering convenience. That is the primary quality of good service

We Make Things Easier for Everyone
Alta Vista Properties provides the best service. That means life is less complicated for clients and tenants. Collecting rent is a headache and a hassle. We keep it simple by arranging electronic transfers. Payments are wired from the tenant’s bank account to the landlords account, saving time and trouble.
There are landlords in San Diego who will ask their tenants to assume the repair work for certain damages. We feel that is unprofessional and puts a strain on a tenant. What we will do is ask the tenants to report any damage to us so that we can take immediate action. Alta Vista Properties makes this easy by having a portal on our website. The tenant can report damage there and we will respond rapidly. Our established relationships with reputable contractors guarantees that the work is done properly and in a timely fashion.
Problems can arise with lease agreements. A renter might not understand certain clauses of the agreement, and not be aware of his/her obligations. We establish relationships with all renters. We are easy to contact, and we take the time necessary to go over the lease with any tenant. Diplomacy is something Alta Vista Properties excels in. We know how to treat people with respect and courtesy. Those who rent properties managed by Alta Vista Properties will gladly attest to that.
Clients Can Concentrate on Their Investments
We do more than make matters convenient for tenants. We know the pressures a landlord faces, trying to maintain a real estate portfolio which delivers a profit. We will make things easy for our clients as they oversee their investments.

Our records are highly accurate. We do not ask an overworked clerk to tally up the figures. Instead, we input information into our software for storage and reports. If a landlord wants a special financial report for a lending institution, we can easily prepare it. Our client has an online portal that is part of our website. That same report can be easily accessed.
Marketing is critical to any property management. Alta Vista Properties is very aggressive when it comes to marketing any vacancies that may arise. We will use traditional print media, but we also add a few other marketing techniques to it. We can get pictures of available property on all the real estate websites in the San Diego Metropolitan area. Our social media exposure increases the size of the public market viewing available apartments.

We manage this every day. We make sure only the available properties are shown to interested parties. Once the apartment is rented, the pictures go down. Incidentally, professional photographers take those images. We do not snap them from a cell phone camera.
What Alta Vista Properties does for clients and tenants promotes convenience and reduces stress. It allows a tenant to come home and relax more and clients to rest easy, knowing that everything is being taken care of by a superior property management company.
Our reputation is well-known in the metropolitan area and we encourage prospective clients to investigate who we are. It could be the Better Business Bureau, comments on Yelp or even interviewing former tenants. You will hear the same story of how AltaVista Properties is the property management company in San Diego that makes everything so much easier for all parties.
Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions

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