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Property Inspections Can Save Money

Several apartment units or rental houses can be major pieces of an investment portfolio. Any landlord in San Diego will want to be sure that the property maintains, or increases, its value. Neither is something that just happens by itself, however. The units must be maintained and while this costs money in the short run, ignoring the property will increase expenses in the longer term. Property inspections need to be part of owning investment property
Checking for Damage
Renters are not always going to report structural problems. These problems are not always a random hole in the wall. Moisture can be trapped in the wood beams and start rotting away at the timbers. Termite colonies can quickly develop in a dark place. This is also true about black mold, which could end up causing an apartment or house to be condemned. Again, renters are more concerned about the damage they might cause and not what develops behind the walls.
It is always important to check the property after a person is left it. It can determine whether a security deposit is going to be reimbursed to that individual. Failure to inspect the condition can result in deposit being returned, but the damage being discovered later. This can cause difficulty with any new tenant. Property management companies in San Diego understand how important it is to do such inspections. There is a major one which must be done on a routine basis to avoid the severe cost.
Code Violations Generate Fines
Municipal building codes need to be taken seriously. Property that is not maintaining compliance with the rules can justify a landlord being forced to pay a substantial penalty. The condition of the structure must be in good order. Any inspection that uncovers termite colonies or black mold infestation can result in significant expenses and possibly even having the property condemned. No landlord wants the latter to happen but it could if he or she is careless. An efficient property manager is going to make certain that all the right inspections are done. Alta Vista Properties has a reputation of maintaining client property. Property inspections are one of the services we perform.
Checking the Property Status
Alta Vista Properties wants to maintain property value for our client. We have periodic inspections of rental property to do that. Those inspections are not meant to be intrusive but to find out information. If we discover that black mold is starting to form, we react to it quickly Alta Vista Properties relies on a network of building contractors which we have developed over the years. These professionals will make the necessary improvements and will charge a reasonable fee for services.
Our inspections are also to determine if a property follows building codes. If for some reason an apartment or house is not, we once again go to action and make sure that necessary improvements are performed. We also check property as a tenant is leaving. We have a reputation for being fair about the security deposits, but we also are firm in seeing only what is deserved is returned. If any part of the deposit needs to be used to make necessary improvements, we are diplomatic dealing with a former tenant. That type of courtesy stops the other party from spreading bad stories about our clients. Those clients who work with us appreciate the attention we give to the property with the inspections. It all helps to maintain a high level of value. Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you.

Bringing In The Rent

We are willing to admit there is some benefit to the traditional way of collecting rent. Having the landlord go door-to-door permits this person to develop a rapport with the tenants. The trouble is the cost greatly outweighs that benefit. It is not just the loss of very precious time. A landlord doing the traditional route may be confronted by irate residents. Moreover, the rent might not be collected.
A tenant may have any number of reasons for not having the money available at the time the landlord comes knocking. It makes it all a wasted effort. The old-school way of doing things needs to give way to modern technology. A landlord in San Diego can have the rent collected efficiently by using a property management company.
New Millennium Property Management
Property management companies know that their business depends on reputation and service. Rent is something that has to be collected and deposited in the appropriate place, the sooner, the better. Property managers in San Diego will use technology. They will set up electronic payments so that wire transfers are possible.
Predetermined dates for payment are set, and the tenant agrees to have money withdrawn from bank accounts. That is the first step of the process. Property managers will then create an automatic deposit route to the landlord accounts. All this can happen in the blink of an eye. The landlord can have money for other expenses right away. Expensive delays are thereby avoided.
Alta Vista Properties Collects the Money
Alter Vista Properties believes firmly in using technology to expedite the cash flow. We use a software package that allows for an easy creation of payment process. We can handle cash, checks, or E – checks. The money transfers are done effortlessly, and the landlord gets the rent owed right away. AltaVista Properties will also produce accurate financial statements. The owner not only knows the money is coming in but other important parts of financial management. We make an accounting of payments that includes tax information. There is no confusion.
Tenant relations do not suffer from high-tech rent collection. We see to it that any problems brought up by a resident are handled quickly. We have established a network of contractors and service providers which permit for natural resolution of challenges. There are times when tenants behave in such a fashion that they are a hazard on the property. This can call for eviction and AltaVista Properties knows how to handle such delicate situations. All procedures are correctly followed.

Financial Information is Processed
Late rent payment is a dilemma that can cause serious friction. We handle this professionally and give attendance the opportunity to make things right. We do not create arguments because all problems are handled firmly but also with great courtesy.
A landlord becomes financially successful when resources are allocated properly. This includes expenses of time. If you have some rentals, your hours are not well spent collecting rent. It is a task that can easily be outsourced to a property management company in San Diego. When you do this sure to take a look at other services provided. You want your rent collected, but you also want the financial information properly collected and prepared. AltaVista Properties offers comprehensive assistance when it comes to rent collection and finances.
We believe that our ability to collect rent is just one of the services we offer a landlord needs. We have provided service to landlords in San Diego for over 30 years; we have a track record of success. Anyone who checks on us with the Better Business Bureau knows that we are very ethical. Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you.

Climbing The Paper Hill

You may believe that you are good landlord material because you like people and have a way of interacting with them. There is no question this is important but being a landlord requires a lot more. One problem that many new rental owners face is the amount of paperwork involved. There is quite a bit.
A Variety of Forms
Information on rent collection is a major piece of paperwork. This goes into the financial reports and monthly statements any landlord will need. The paper goes a little bit further than this because there are many issues which are part of the real estate industry. A property owner can discover much of his or her waking hours will be spent on the necessary details.
You need to keep records of tenant complaints and subsequent repairs. If the landlord receives any public housing assistance, such as grants or tax credits, there are forms and guidelines to complete. The building codes in San Diego are extremely important. Any paperwork involved in maintaining proper compliance has to be done. The consequence can be as severe as paying penalties or having the property declared unfit for habitation.
It Can Be Intimidating
Any landlord is going to be slightly overwhelmed by all of this document responsibility. Doing all the paperwork is not just tedious; it can create a lot of stress and anxiety. Inaccurate information is going to cause problems with building inspectors and loan officers. Landlords who are not familiar with reports are going to find the learning curve is full of worry. The work can distract anyone from other projects that are equally or more important. Not everybody can commit the time to doing all of the records keeping. The best alternative to doing it yourself is to seek out a property management company in San Diego to handle the flow.
A good property management firm is going to take the paper bull by the horns. Documents that are needed at the end of the month will be prepared, and they will be accurate. Reports necessary for the government, or for financial institutions, will be ready before the deadlines. One of the best advantages of having this third-party assistance is reliability. The reputation of any property management is the ability to deliver needed services. You rest assured that the reports are accurate, the paperwork processed according to specifications, and documentation of repairs and dealings with tenants are in order. You can expect this kind of service from Alta Vista Properties.

We Manage the Paper Flow
We have provided needed service to landlords in San Diego for over 30 years. We are a family owned company who respects the need for accuracy and delivering documents on time. Alta Vista Properties takes the paper seriously. You can expect to have no problems with any written obligations. We also work with tenants to develop direct deposit, and our tenant retention policy is meant to keep renters happy. Our experience has helped us establish procedures that allow for processing of all kinds of documents. We meet the filing deadlines and what information is needed financial statements is accurate.
A landlord wants to be able to concentrate on projects that are important. The grind of document preparation will wear you down, and it isn’t necessary at all. Placing the task in the hands of a property management company takes a significant burden off the shoulders. It brings a lot of peace of mind knowing that papers are going to be handled, and reports contain exact figures. AltaVista Properties can turn the mountain the paperwork into a mole hill. We encourage you to inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you.

Security Must Be Comprehensive

The investment you made in your rental property was substantial. While you are getting a nice lengthy stream of income, you are aware that there are maintenance costs and other concerns which require your attention. The safety of your property is paramount. You do not need to have vandals destroying your houses or apartments. At the same time, computer records are critical.
Histories of paid rent and other transactions have to be secure. Additionally, all of the personal data of your tenants must be protected from hackers. Your security issues are therefore both the physical property and the computer records. Guarding both is a tall order, and you should not try it by yourself. Property management companies are better suited to the chore.
Professionals Can Help
The best security system you can afford has to guard the apartments and houses you rent. The security wall around computer records has to be very thick and very tall. Vandals and hackers are becoming more sophisticated in their attacks. You may not have all the resources necessary to combat them. Property management companies in San Diego can help in your defenses.
Professionals appreciate the importance of maintaining all round security. They build relationships with various security companies who will recommend what you need to install. The safety features will include alarm systems and security lights. The same level of protection extends to all computer records. The same degree of protection extends to all computer records. AltaVista Properties is committed to keeping our clients safe.
A History of Excellence
We’ve been providing property management services for more than 30 years in San Diego. We fully appreciate the concern landlords have for the security of their properties.
Alta Vista Properties has developed a working relationship with many safety contractors, and these will do their very best for our clients. The security establishments can install an electronic security system which protects the property and the tenants as well. Any attempt at burglary is immediately discovered, and the response is quick and efficient. This property protection is not the only area where safety is a priority for us.
Hacker invasion is a quite serious problem. These criminals have reached the security walls of many companies have compromised private information. AltaVista Properties is mindful of its obligation to protect client transaction data. We have a robust security system for our records, and we can assure clients and tenants that their financial records will be safe. We perform routine updates to the security so that computer systems are safe from hackers.
Alta Vista Properties Goes the Distance
We want to do the best for the client, and we are sensitive to particular needs. We listen carefully to what a landlord wants to have as far security is concerned. Any unique quality of the security system which you want to have is what we will seek to implement. We respect the skepticism of prospective clients. It is why we encourage them to check the record to find out whether AltaVista Properties has a history of rentals being robbed. We know they will not fight any information that speaks poorly of our services. Landlords who we serve feel comfortable with work we do to protect properties. Many of our clients are long-term associations, and we work to maintain their trust.
Security in the modern world is twofold. Physical property has to be guarded against vandalism and robbery. Financial information and personal data also have to be secure in this very uncertain world. Alta Vista Properties is proud of the effort we have expended to help those who trust their apartments and houses to our management. We encourage landlords in San Diego think about using AltaVista Properties to manage their rentals. Please feel free to inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at

Submerged in the Paper Flow

We agree with the opinion that rental property is a good financial investment. It is less volatile than the stock market and provides a good stream of income for a landlord. That being said, we also recognize that ownership of rental property involves an incredible amount of paperwork. This is addition to having to maintain a steady cash flow.
A River of Forms
The paper flow can be prodigious. Financial records must be in order and the property taxes need to be paid. There also are other government requirements and material has to be filed properly. It is easy to do this if the landlord only has one rental. If there are multi units, the owners are in for long hours doing processing.
Things are not made any easier when the deadlines are thrown into the mix. The question of cash flow is essential to answer. Sometimes tenants are late with their payments and this can cause a dilemma for any property owner.
The stream of money is not just for personal income; funds are necessary to cover bills and unexpected emergencies. If the cash is not coming in on a routine basis, the landlord may be forced to use existing lines of credit or even take out loans. It can make owning property a nightmare. Property management companies in San Diego can be a lifeline.
Property Management Companies Will Help
Property management is more than just calling plumbers for repair work. A good property management company is going to be an expert when it comes to maintaining records. These professionals will make sure that financial records are in order, there is a log of repair work done, and complaints are responded to immediately. Public agencies may require any number of reports to be submitted. Property managers know how to best respond. Working with the landlord, who could get confused by the jargon, experienced staff will send the right information at the right time. Financial reports are critical for tax purposes. Property management staff make certain that the financial records are in good order. Furthermore, they will work with the tenants to set up automatic payment schedules. It allows for a steady stream of predictable income. Alta Vista Properties is one of the best property management companies in San Diego.
Alta Vista Properties Gives Superior Service
We are family-owned company who has provided service to landlords for over 30 years. We understand the importance of record keeping and taking care of the paperwork. The hours of meticulous effort will be performed by us. The landlord is able to concentrate on more important things,
Financial statements are extremely important and we make certain that all the figures are accurate. You can rest assured that any reporting is going to be done on time. We go the extra mile to make sure that tenants pay a routine basis. We will help set up a payment plan which is easy for the tenant, and profitable for the landlord. If there are any problems with any tenant, a record will be kept for later reference. Records are computerized in secure systems for quick retrieval. There is also backup storage for every piece of data.
The flow of paper doesn’t have to be a deluge of troubles. Alta Vista Properties has the resources needed to keep records in good order, and all paperwork well-controlled. We want to make things simple for landlords. We’ve been very successful at doing this as earlier clients will admit. We believe it is worth taking the time to investigate all our services. We encourage you to inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you.

Dealing With A Complaint Takes A Plan

It would be fantastic if rental properties had no problems at all. That is a fantasy because stuff happens and tenants complain. These are the kind of challenges you cannot allow to go unnoticed. Residents who have complaints don’t forget them and may take action.
Issues Will Happen
They do have a right to complain if something has gone wrong. Rent in San Diego is not cheap, and anyone living in a rental pays to have problems addressed. Failure to reply appropriately and not resolving a complaint is going to create serious friction. Tenants react negatively to long delays. The response to being ignored can come in some harsh ways. Obviously, a tenant may trash the property and not care about losing the deposit. Other kinds of damage are not physical but very expensive. A landlord’s reputation can be put at stake. Yelp is a consumer review board and can be filled with complaints.
Disgruntled tenants can send in complaints to Yelp, and a landlord may find it difficult to rent out the property to new people. A worst case scenario is a situation where formal grievances are filed with public agencies. The response to a tenant complaint is not easy. There’s no one set way of doing it. Response to a leaky faucet is different than that of a burglary. A typical landlord may not be familiar with how to react. A landlord has to have a plan of action to respond to tenant discontent.
Property Managers Know How to React
Established property management companies in San Diego will have a plan of action to deal with the criticisms. These are not drastic efforts, but the process by which a response is made. The same companies will already have a network of repair people such as plumbers and electricians to call for a needed response. The objective is to see to it that the complaints are handled as quickly as possible. Alta Vista Properties has such procedures established to serve tenants better.
Years of Response Experience
We are a family owned company and have served the San Diego metropolitan area landlords for many years. We established relationships with various repair professionals, and the properties we manage are serviced quickly.
Landlords get into trouble because of the way they answer a complaint. A casual remark or sarcasm can only serve to infuriate tenant. Alta Vista respects the renter and the issue. We understand sometimes the tone is a result of frustration. We investigate the cause of the complaint, and if there’s a problem, we will correct it.
Follow-up is essential in keeping a complaint from becoming a major issue. We do more than just make a call to the appropriate service. We will follow up with tenants to be sure that what the correction has been done. We also make note of the incident so that there is a record. A landlord can be assured that he or she will not see their name in a formal complaint to a public agency. AltaVista Properties steps in and responds to any problem courteously.
It is good business sense to have a property management company in San Diego take care of issues. A landlord does not have time to handle all complaints and a property management company makes the time. The best decision of all is to use Alta Vista Properties to supervise apartment complexes or even individual rentals. We allow landlords to sleep easier at night because the phone by their bedside is not ringing off the hook with tenant concerns. Handling complaints are just one of the many services we have to offer. We encourage you to inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you.

Challenges with tenants

Bad Tenants Behaving Badly

Tenants come in all shapes and manners. The large majority are honest and will pay the rent on time. They also maintain the property without being asked. Unfortunately, there always are a few rotten apples in the barrel. These can make a rental property a migraine for the owner. It isn’t just the attitude, but the time you have to spend correcting the mistakes these careless people make.
Ethically Challenged
When we say careless, we mean the tenant could not care less about the inconvenience they provide. These are people who are more than just late on the rent. They may have a history of playing fast and loose with the landlord. Worst-case scenarios happen when a tenant tries to represent himself or herself as the owner of the property. This dishonest person will attempt to rent, or even sell, the property to an unsuspecting victim.
It might sound incredible but bad things can and will happen. A bad tenant may have a history of taking advantage of situations. The only way to prevent such a person from renting is doing a background check. This investigation is time-consuming and the landlord may not know where to go. A property management company has the experience and knows where to look. The same staff of professionals have dealt with unruly tenants in the past and know how to handle the situation.
Eviction is Not Easy
Evicting a tenant is a process. Procedures have to be followed carefully so as not to violate a standing law. A landlord who is not familiar with the steps can create problems he or she is not hoping to have. Property management companies in San Diego are familiar with what has to be done. It is not true that it is impossible to evict a bad tenant. Due process, however, must be followed. Alta Vista Properties knows how to handle bad tenants
Alta Vista Properties Has Experience
Alta Vista Properties is a family owned property management company serving landlords in San Diego. We understand how difficult tenants sometimes can be, and we have experience in dealing with them.
Make no mistake, we are not unfair or unreasonable with unruly tenants. What we do is follow the letter of the law, and make sure they do the same. Background checks on prospective tenants is a service we provide. It helps make certain that a problem is not inherited, and our work is within the guidelines of fair housing.
A landlord may have a number of rentals which require attention. Alta Vista Properties can provide the overall supervision of a property investment, seeing to it that the landlord’s time is not taken up by various issues. We can handle the administration of day-to-day activities such as rent collection and making sure repairs are done on a routine basis. If you decide later on that you wish to sell your property, we can certainly assist in finding buyers for you. The primary focus of what we do is to be sure that a landlord gets the full value of the property. Bad tenants will prevent that from happening. Alta Vista Properties does everything that is necessary, and within the guidelines of the law, to keep problems at an absolute minimum.
We take great pride in the service that we give to landlords in the San Diego Metropolitan Area. We’ve established a reputation as being a high-quality property management company, and we work at maintaining that credibility. Dealing with bad tenants is just one of the things that a good property management company will do. We can explain in greater detail how our service will make your life a lot easier. Please do feel inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you.

Selling Investment Property


Nothing last forever and that holds true for owning investment property. You possibly enjoyed some years of steady income, but the money from the sale may finance other investments or permit you to do things you want to do (e.g. travel, new hobbies, etc.). These are the reasons you decide to sell the property. If you think this is the same as selling your house, you should think twice. There is a bit more to the whole process.
Marketing Matters
You may have some investment property in San Diego you would like to sell. There is more to this than just putting a sign out on the front lawn. While you may have had a good experience with the property, there are some lingering myths about the troubles of being a landlord. Some people are nervous because they are afraid that it will take too much time, the tenants will not pay rent, or tenants may trash the property. You could discover that you have to persuade a nervous investor to buy the property.
Marketing is going to help because it draws attention to what you own. It is not a good idea to rely just on print media and real estate publications alone. You want to be able to draw interested people as soon as possible, and that is going to require using real estate websites. You also need to make use of social media and other state-of-the-art methods to generate marketing buzz.
If you have an interested party, you still have to be very careful. Anyone can say they have the money to purchase your apartment complex or rental, but it might not always be the case. There has to be some assurance that the right amount of money is going to change hands at closing. If you are not careful, you can find yourself in a real mess.
Property Management Company Expertise
That predicament can be the result of trying to do everything by yourself. You can by all means do the legwork if you have the time and know what you are doing. If you have neither, things are going to get awfully rough rather quick. When you use a real estate agent or property management company, you are not just paying for the convenience. You’re also paying for the expertise. A good property management company is going to be able to help you sell that investment property. Services can include listings on real estate websites such as Zillow. That third-party might also have a pool of investors from which to draw prospective buyers. The property management professionals may already know the ability of the investors to pay the asking price. It is entirely possible a sale of your investment property can go very smooth as a result.
Alta Vista Properties Can Help
We know San Diego real estate. We have helped investors with their rental property by providing management services and advice. We also can help you sell your commercial rental property. We are a family owned property management company with a history of helping people in San Diego. We can get you in touch with individuals who are interested in buying investment property. This is in addition to the standard marketing assistance we will give. AltaVista Properties performs all of the activity an ordinary real estate agent does. The difference is we have particular expertise in the area of investment property rentals. It is easy to work with us.
Investment property that has grown in value over the years will show a tremendous return on the initial investment. The right type of marketing is what guarantees the profit. We suggest that you save yourself the headache of trying to do the sale all by yourself. We are experts and can save you both time and money while helping you secure nice profit. We encourage you to inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you.

A Property Must Be Serviced

It is not that difficult to do your service calls if you are renting out one or two units. The trouble happens when you own a dozen or more, and there is a major power failure in the area. The same is possible for a big storm causing disruption. You are dealing with a lot of calls from your tenants all at once. You cannot handle all of them. It is more than just a nightmare; it is a walk through hell.
The Tenants Want Service
You find out in a hurry that it doesn’t matter how friendly relationships are when your tenants expect service right away. They’re not going to all be patient if the plumbing has gone wrong or the appliances do not work. You must deal with a situation where there’s simply too much to do.
If things weren’t bad enough with you overstretched by tenant complaints, there remains the condition of the rental units. If repairs are not done the property will gradually slip away from the building code standards they need to comply with. You have reason enough to use a property management company to help you out of a sizable jam.
Professional Property Management Can Help
You could go through the Yelp listings to find plumbers and electricians but why waste the time? Property managers have developed relationships with such professionals. They know who they can call on in the event of a critical emergency. Property management companies also have established procedures for a crisis. When a storm hits or a system failure occurs, the property management staff puts into operation the emergency plan. The crisis which might have turned into a disaster is addressed and resolved in short order.
The smart real estate investor will do a cost-benefit analysis. You will be paying a fee to the property management company, but you are paying for their expertise. If you try to find a repairman to take care of the problem could be making some mistakes. Property management companies in San Diego and develop relationships that have stood the test of time. They know who the best plumbers and best electricians are.
Alta Vista Properties is the Best
If you’re looking for property management company in San Diego that provides all the right service, then AltaVista Properties is the one for you. We are a family owned company and have worked in the San Diego area for quite some time. We have been able to build relationships with contractors and residential repair companies. These relationships allow us to respond rapidly to emergencies. If the electricity goes out in one of your rental units during the night, you can roll over in bed and go back to sleep. Alta Vista Properties is on top of things; we make sure the emergency is resolved before dawn.
Seeing to it that repairs happen quickly is just one of the essential services Alta Vista Properties provides for clients. We can also help with rent collection, deal with unruly tenants, and see to it that the value of the property is kept high. That is crucial in San Diego. Real estate needs to grow steadily up in net worth for the investor to make a serious profit.
You may be a hands-on type person and that is commendable in many situations. However, if you are dealing with dozens of rental units in an apartment complex it is going to be more than you can reasonably handle. Professional property management makes sense for anybody for whom time is incredibly precious.
You need professional property managers to provide repair service if for no other reason than your peace of mind. We would welcome the chance to be able to speak with you about what AltaVista properties can do. Please do feel free to inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you.

Collecting Payments For Rent

The whole idea behind investing in real estate is to develop a steady stream of income. The rent is supposed to not only cover the expense of maintaining the property, but also to allow for some income. The difficulty can lie in collecting the rent. This isn’t as easy as you would hope it might be.
It is rarely a situation of dealing with an irate or stubborn tenant. Many times the individual just happens not to be at home. The bottom line is the money required is not received. This can be a real hassle for an investor. It can cause some problems in maintaining the property as well.
Rent Collection Can Be Complicated
The good news is that there are ways of getting the rent which doesn’t require angry words. This can include automatic payments from the bank or arrangements where money is routinely delivered to a specific location. The difficulty arises when you have to think about the administration of more than one unit. As a landlord, you may be dealing with 20 or more units. You also may be looking at a situation where payments are scheduled for different times of the month. The last thing you want to do is try to collect the rent in person; it can lead to a rough situation. All of this is in addition to the enormous amount of paperwork necessary. You have to keep a record of who is currently delinquent, and the government wants its fair share of taxes. All the paperwork has to be correct or there are some severe consequences.
This is not to say that you can do this all by yourself. It is possible if you have the knowledge and the software. You also have to have the time. If you don’t, you will discover that you are not getting all the money you deserve to receive. You face a nightmare of trying to get all the paperwork in order. The more you look at the situation the more you can appreciate having a good San Diego property management company. This can take a great deal off your shoulders and see to it things are not correct. Alta Vista Properties can do the job for you.
A Well-Deserved Reputation for Competence
AltaVista Properties has created a sterling reputation in San Diego property management. We see to it that our clients are provided with high-quality service, as well as the income they expect. Taking care of the rent is something that we do quite well. We are familiar with the various forms of collecting the monthly rent owed. Our people have a great deal of experience with paperwork; we can help arrange for automatic payments and online transfers. The most important feature of our San Diego property rental services is efficiency. AltaVista Properties respects the fact that landlords want things done with as few hassles as possible. Working with us is a way to guarantee you have fewer headaches when it comes to the rent. We can prepare the required forms when it comes to taxes. We can also deal effectively with any tenant who is starting to become delinquent in payment.
Why should you have to worry about rent payments and stubborn tenants when you do not have to be concerned? Our experience with property management is worth its weight in gold to you. As you develop your real estate portfolio, you’re going to appreciate more how a third-party can make life considerably easier. You can take a look at the reviews on Yelp to find out how professional our staff is and the type of customer service you can expect. Properly collected rent is going to create a wonderful income stream for you. We can help. Please feel free to inquire about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at