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Good Tenant Relations are Critical

real estate property management lease landlord tenant inspection social media rent online portal convenienceTenant retention in San Diego is not guaranteed. There are many vacant apartments and people are always looking for a better place. Keeping people, especially dependable and responsible folks, is an essential way to maintain a healthy cash flow. Therefore, tenant relations are important to maintain.

Good Interaction Helps

It’s sad, but some landlords in San Diego do not communicate properly with tenants. Sometimes, the property owner will show up to collect the rent and that is the only time the tenant sees this person. Such a landlord is hard to contact, and tenants feel like strangers in their own home. And, damage might not get reported since a person doesn’t know how to report any repair needs.

Major disputes can arise that are made worse by poor communications. Tenants must be able to ask questions and receive answers. Problems with understanding the lease can quickly turn into formal complaints with public agencies. Therefore, landlords need to establish and keep good tenant relations.


Ways to Foster Good Relations

1. Simplify Rent Collection

A dropbox or mail collection are inefficient because of potential theft. Personal collection by the landlord may result in conflict and arguments. The best way to collect rent is with electronic transfers. Moving money from one bank account to another on a given day is effective and minimizes possible theft of the rent.

2. Easy Damage Reporting

Having tenants telephone in the damage can be inconvenient if one party is away from the phone. Therefore, allowing the reports to be posted to a website portal is easy and creates a record for a quick reference later.

3. Convenient Inspection Schedules

Landlords have a right to inspect their property in San Diego. However, an unexpected visit is never appreciated by tenants. Scheduling those necessary inspections at a mutually convenient time is desirable.

4. Mature Dispute Resolution

Misunderstandings should not cause shouting matches. In fact, these disputes can be managed maturely and responsibly. However, it takes tact and diplomacy. The problems with a lease can be solved with both parties being treated like adults.

Sensible landlords want to maintain good relations. but might not have the time required to foster those associations. Therefore, it is better to let professionals step in and maintain a rapport with tenants. Property management companies in San Diego are familiar with tenant relationships and know-how to establish and maintain them. Alta Vista Properties is a property management company in San Diego that concentrates on dealings with tenants.

We Practice the Personal Touch

Diplomacy is very important when working with tenants. These people want to be respected and they want their questions respected also. Alta Vista Properties is available to handle any tenant concern and resolve any problems a person might have with the lease. We always use courtesy and we have a high level of emotional intelligence. Our tenants feel that they are treated with respect and like adults.

We work to make things as convenient as possible. First of all, we establish electronic transfers with the tenant at the beginning and we have a portal on our website to report any damages. In addition, our inspections are announced ahead of time and we try to schedule these at a mutually convenient time. We will not go in unannounced. Finally, disputes with the tenant will always be handled tactfully and we will listen to the other person’s opinions when developing an answer. Our years of experience with tenant relations helps us keep a healthy liaison between the property owners and those who wish to rent.

Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions.


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