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The Importance of a Background Check

background check tenant landlord property management real estate lease eviction damage repairs inspectionNo apartment in San Diego should stay vacant for too long. A property owner must rely on a steady cash flow to meet maintenance costs and payment on any loans, making it essential to have a new tenant as soon as possible. However, it is also important to make haste with all deliberate speed. San Diego has a large population and people are looking for places to rent. They are not all reliable residents, and some have a past that contains some problems. A background check is the only way to make sure that a prospective tenant should be offered a lease.

The Qualities of a Good Background Check

A landlord in San Diego must find out if the prospective tenant is dependable, responsible, and does not pose a threat to any of the other tenants. A good background check is going to cover all the bases. There are certain things to investigate while checking on a person’s past.

Credit History

It comes to the heart of the matter of whether a person is reliable enough to pay the rent. The check of the credit history will discover if a person defaulted on any debt payments or was consistently late. The latter is just as serious as the former. Someone who pays late will disrupt the steady cash flow that the landlord depends on to meet expenses.

Criminal History

This goes beyond minor traffic violations or victimless crimes. The criminal history uncovers if a person could be a possible threat to the safety and security of other tenants. Matters such as assault, robbery, drug trafficking, or domestic violence may suggest that a person can pose a threat to the neighbors.

Rental History

Overall, was a person a reliable tenant? This could include, not only the rent payment itself, but also whether the person respected the property and reported damages promptly. Eviction notices may suggest that there were other problems this person had in being a resident of an apartment or rental house.


What do the referrals say about the individual? While most referrals are quite positive, some will provide information about an individual that may send up warning flags.

Background Checks Require Professional Assistance

We need to warn you that when it comes to background checks you must be very careful. California state law frowns on any discriminatory checks on a person’s background and race, sex, or other indications of minority background cannot be part of the examination. There can be very serious consequences if a background check strays outside of legal boundaries.

The average landlord in San Diego has a lot on his or her plate. It is understandable if this person is not familiar with the proper way to do a background check of a prospective tenant. It is better to have professional help then make a mistake that can be very costly.

Property management companies in San Diego do background checks all the time for their clients. These rental professionals know what they can and cannot investigate when it comes to a person’s background. It is a smart business decision to use one of them. Alta Vista Properties is a property management company in San Diego with a reputation for thorough background checks and professionalism.

We Look for Objective Facts

Alta Vista Properties will investigate a person’s background and determine if the prospect is a reliable person. The information we view includes criminal history and the ability to pay promptly. We are familiar with California law and our background checks are nondiscriminatory. We are proud of our ability to place reliable and dependable tenants in the apartments and house rentals of our clients.

Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions.


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