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Tips for Attracting Good Tenants

landlord tenants rent rental property management real estate san diego investment inspectionRenting an apartment in San Diego is not like buying a house. There is no thirty-year mortgage and as a property owner, you cannot expect somebody to live in the same place for decades. It means that rental property is going to be vacant from time to time and need new residents. You can attract the right type of person if you do a sensible job of finding tenants. Here are some ideas.

Be Objective in Your Sourcing

Yes, you do want a tenant who has the right personality and with whom you can have a favorable relationship. However, you must be open-minded as you look for prospective tenants. We live in a very diverse world and people do not always share the same opinions. You need to be open-minded when you are searching, and do not let another person’s point of view stand in the way of a business opportunity. Being objective also helps you stay away from making discriminatory housing decisions, which can have harsh consequences.

Improve the Look of the Property

Real estate agents always tell house sellers to increase curb appeal. Your apartment should look appealing to anyone who looks at it. You should have the space cleaned from top to bottom once the old tenant leaves. If it means having a professional cleaning service, then so be it! Any repair work needs to be done before any viewings are scheduled.

Be a Good Marketer

Take advantage of the opportunities social media provides for you. You ought to advertise your vacancy on all the major real estate Internet sites. If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, be sure to use them. Any pictures of your vacancy need to be done by a professional photographer. That person can highlight the strong points of your property. The text of any advertisements must include the amenities and location.

Please the Customer

Making the experience a delight is a primary rule of retail sales and customer service in general. What you need to do to make the viewing a pleasant experience is be available at a convenient time for the viewer. Be ready with answers for any questions this person may have and assure them that signing the lease and moving into the space is going to be as convenient as possible. If you know a good moving company, recommend it.

Alta Vista Properties Finds Great Tenants

We have been of service to landlords in San Diego for decades and we know how to get the best tenants. We do a careful screening of prospective residents, adhering closely to anti-discrimination laws, and we recommend the very best to our clients. Not all property management companies in San Diego are as thorough in tenant searches.

We also are aggressive marketers. We make use of our social media platforms and the major real estate sites in San Diego. Any repair work or necessary cleaning happens before any prospective tenant looks at the property. We have a reputation for great people skills and we make viewers feel right at home. This level of empathy continues after the lease is signed. People enjoy living in apartments managed by us.

Alta Vista Properties is a property management company in San Diego that has a reputation for being of service. We encourage any landlord in the area to check our references and the Better Business Bureau about us. Our goal is to to maintain a high property value for our clients, as well as maintain a steady stream of income. We are a leader in the rental industry.

Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions.


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