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Protect Your Investment from Damage

tools contractor inspection real estate property management investmentThe value of property in San Diego is high, but there is no guarantee that individual properties will stay that way. Tenants can damage property in various ways and a landlord must be on the lookout for even the smallest signs of necessary repair. Damage can cause an investment grade property to become an unnecessary burden on a portfolio.

A hole in the wall may not seem too important, but it is a gateway for vermin to come into the apartment or rental house. Leaky pipes invite black mold and electrical problems can become fire hazards. Tenants will sometimes try to hide the problem or, worse still, try to fix it themselves. A good rental needs professional care and a landlord in San Diego needs to be vigilant. Here are some ways to prevent damage from harming your property investment.

Pre-and Post-Vacancy Inspections

A thorough check of the property should be done before any tenant assumes occupancy. This includes taking pictures and doing a thorough inspection of utilities. It lets a landlord know what the condition of the rental is before the tenant moves in and after that tenant has gone. If there is no damage, that’s great! However, the post-vacancy inspection may uncover some problems, and these are legitimate expenses to draw out of the original security deposit.

Routine Inspections

A landlord has every right to perform routine inspections during the tenant’s occupancy and that should be included in the lease. It allows a landlord to move quickly if any damage is discovered. Tenants should be advised of an upcoming inspection for the sake of good tenant relations.

Make Reporting Convenient

High-quality property management companies in San Diego make it simple for the tenant to report any damage. The idea is to encourage a tenant to report any problems before they get worse. It also helps in discouraging a tenant from trying to fix the problem alone.

Use Only Reputable Contractors

What is worse than neglected damage? An unethical contractor doing the repairs. Such people are going to try to cut corners and may even violate the building code while they are performing the repair work. A less than honest contractor could also pad the bill, including fees that should not be there. A property owner should be required to only pay for those repairs that were competently completed and nothing more than that.

Use a Property Management Company in San Diego

You can do all the inspections and interact with contractors by yourself, but that takes a lot of time. A landlord is a busy person and it is better to make use of professional third-party. A property management company has experience with repair work and can handle all the communication with the tenants. Alta Vista Properties is one of the best property management companies in San Diego. We will go the extra mile for our clients.

Alta Vista Properties will do all the inspections required to maintain the value of a client’s property. We will also work with the tenants to get the necessary repair work done. Additionally, we have a page on our website that enables a tenant to report any damage incurred quickly. We are fair when we deal with an occupant.

We work with contractors with whom we develop a relationship. These professionals do good work and are aware of our billing policy. Only work that is actually done on repairs is billed to the client and there are no hidden fees. We can trim the cost of repair without sacrificing quality.

Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions.


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