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Staying Ahead of the Competition

rent rental keys landlord tenant property management real estate inspection investment marketingThe real estate market In San Diego vibrates with activity. People are always looking for a new place to live and greater mobility is accepted by everyone. A landlord in San Diego, however, should never take it easy. Competition is a constant and somebody else wants your tenants.

Marketing Is Critical

Folks need to know of a vacancy and that requires marketing. A property owner cannot rely on old-fashioned ways of getting the word out. Advertisements in print media are only one step in the process. Landlords must be open to modern ways of marketing.

Webpage:  This can introduce the property to the Internet browsers. The website must more than a billboard in the sky. Web content with SEO optimized text draws the attention of the search engines. That same content must be continually updated.

Yelp: This consumer review board is the largest on the Internet. People trust the opinions of other consumers and checking Yelp is a part of the research they will do on a possible apartment. Landlords should have a Yelp account and encourage people to comment on it. The landlords also need to review comments made and proactively respond to all complaints routinely.

Social Media: People don’t just turn to social media for entertainment. Marketing vacancies on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is a useful way to get the word out.

Mobile Apps:  Smartphones have changed marketing drastically. Potential renters will do apartment research on their iPhones anywhere and anytime. A landlord should take advantage of reaching out to prospective tenants with their own mobile app.


It is also essential to keep tenants. People are always looking for housing opportunities, but many are willing to stay right where they are. Good service is the best means of convincing people to stay, and convenience is a generally desired service. Retention strategy should include these points.

Electronic Transfer of Rent: Tenants might forget to pay the rent on time and mailing the check is risky. Electronic transfers move the money from a bank account to another one on a given day.

Immediate Repairs: Tenants don’t need to deal with clogged sinks or electrical failures. Repair work must be done as soon as possible after a tenant reports it. Making it easy to report any problem allows for a quicker response to the issue.

Fair Lease Administration: Tenants will follow the lease, but they need to know what is in the contract and they want landlords to be fair. Transparency is the best strategy and landlords must live up to their side of the bargain and not make arbitrary decisions.

Professionals Can Help

Marketing and retention both require serious commitments of time. Landlords with large real estate portfolios might have difficulty doing all the work. Property management companies in San Diego have considerable expertise in marketing and retention. Alta Vista Properties is one of the best in the area.

We dedicate all our efforts to making sure our clients can compete successfully in the San Diego real estate market. Our marketing uses all the latest technology as well as the tried and true sales tactics. We can get the word out about the vacancies and we are able to fill empty spaces with reputable tenants as quickly as possible.

The best service we have to offer is the way that we treat tenants. AltaVista Properties is a property management company in San Diego that cultivates a relationship with those who live in our managed apartments and rental houses. We have a reputation for fairness, and we maintain a high level of transparency. People want to stay in our apartments, and leases are routinely renewed. There are few problems with tenants because we are honest with them.

Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions!

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