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Watch Out for Rogue Tenants

for rent rental landlord tenant vacancy eviction property management real estate portfolio investmentCaution is a trait which every landlord in San Diego must exercise. Rental property can generate income but only if there is proper management. Most tenants are trustworthy, but a property owner must not assume they all are dependable. Rogue tenants can make things very difficult.

What Defines Them?

A rogue tenant is an unreliable resident. This person can be loud and abusive, causing problems for all the neighbors. A rogue tenant will sign a lease but that doesn’t guarantee adherence to the rules. Bad tenants will conceal damage and neglect any upkeep. These people will ignore restrictions on pets and noise control, and abuse parking privileges. The worst ones will sublet the apartment to others. Evicting these rascals is not easy because rogue tenants are familiar with the California tenant-landlord laws.

Landlords Must Be Careful

Regrettably, landlords often create their own problems. They can be in a rush to fill a vacancy and have a person sign a lease without due diligence being performed. It means the background checks were not properly done, credit status ignored, reference checks not performed, and police records not investigated. A bad tenant is thus placed in a rental where problems start almost immediately. A property owner might forget to have a couple both sign the lease. It is hard to collect on damages if the signer leaves the state while the other person stays on.

Landlords are always pressed for time. They might not be able to properly vet a prospective tenant or maintain close relations with any tenant. Property management companies in San Diego can help. These real estate professionals can assume the responsibility for screening candidates and administering the lease. The property managers are familiar with the eviction process and can get rid of a rogue tenant. Alta Vista Properties is a property management company in San Diego who keeps a watchful eye out for any evidence of a bad tenant.

Thorough Background Checks

We proceed quickly and carefully with all vacancies. Alta Vista Properties conducts a nondiscriminatory background check before offering anyone a lease. Problems from the past will not be allowed to become issues in the present.

We explain the lease carefully and make sure that all required signatures are on the document. We expect the tenants to follow the lease instructions. Our activities include routine inspections of the property. We look for any sign of damage and if we find we will address the issue immediately.

Rogue tenants use confrontation and bullying to get their way. We will not be intimidated by any person who rents from a client. We handle all disputes professionally, but we will not hesitate to contact the police if violence is threatened. Eviction is a process nobody wants to endure and that includes us. Nevertheless, Alta Vista Properties will evict those tenants who are incorrigible. We follow the procedure carefully and see to it that all the steps of eviction are followed.

We are helped in our administration by the relationships we develop with all tenants. Our transparency and commitment to good service make our tenants more willing to cooperate with us. Many times, it is a tenant who will tip us off to the presence of a bad renter.

Our commitment to client service includes protecting a landlord from a tenant who wishes to be disruptive. Our clients do not have to deal directly with these people; we will take care of those who don’t follow the rules. We are always professional, but we are insistent. No one who ignores the lease is going to be staying in one of our client’s apartments.

Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions.


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