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Technology Improves Your Real Estate Portfolio

A landlord in San Diego might be satisfied with one or two rentals. It is easy to manage that property, and one person alone can do it. However, the challenge will surface if the landlord wants to increase the size of his or her real estate portfolio. The added work can be crushing.

Additional Property Requires Increased Attention

Additional properties create additional responsibilities for reporting and maintenance. The same is true for collecting rent. Property owned in different localities are subject to different building codes. That can make it easy for a single person to be overwhelmed. Property management companies in San Diego can assume the responsibilities. The best will make use of technology to improve the real estate portfolio of their clients. Alta Vista Properties is a property management company in San Diego that takes full advantage of technology.

We Can Handle the Load

Alta Vista Properties does not depend on a drop box or the mail to receive rent payments. There is too great a chance of theft, and those old means of collection are inefficient. We take advantage of electronic transfers to enable our clients to get money on a specific date transferred from the renter’s bank accounts.

We also believe that manually compiling records is time wasted. Having one clerk do all the calculations is an invitation to unintentional human error. It has consequences when it comes to reporting taxes or complying with local government stipulations. We want our clients to avoid any penalty, which is why we are using the best software on the market. We know that any financial report we prepare is accurate. Moreover, the software allows us to customize a report so that it meets the needs of the client.

Real estate owners in San Diego need reports on a routine basis. They cannot wait for mail delivery and we make it easy with our website. With our technology, every client has a portal which they can use to access what they need. The availability is 24/7 and all the figures are correct. A client who needs reports for loans or repair activity can depend on Alta Vista Properties.

Our Marketing Is Effective

A landlord who has multiple units cannot rely only on the newspaper or real estate periodicals to announce vacancies. Those openings must be filled as quickly as possible and delays are expensive. Alta Vista Properties utilizes technology to fill any vacant apartment.

We will use social media platforms to broadcast an opening. This includes Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as points of communication. Clients know that we will put vacancies on our website and make sure that any photography highlights the best qualities of the rental. Alta Vista Properties is aggressive in marketing any available rental. Our clients know we will fill an opening quickly with a very reliable occupant.

The Bottom Line

What does this all mean for a client? It means that an apartment in San Diego which he or she owns is going to be occupied and the value will be maintained. With a property management company like Alta Vista Properties the same landlord can look to increase the size of property holdings. We can take charge of any new acquisition and manage it as efficiently as we do all the other rental spaces.

Our clients can achieve a very nice return on investment – we are here to manage apartments and houses, making sure that our clients are well served. We have a reputation for quality that is well known in the industry and we are one of the best property management companies in San Diego.

Our clients have a long-term relationship with us and it is due to the services we provide, including information about housing rules and regulations. Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions!

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Posted by: chelsea on May 22, 2019
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