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4 Ways to Energize Your Marketing

social media marketing real estate property management landlord tenant rent inspection investmentThere is a large pool of tenants in San Diego, but it doesn’t mean marketing is not important. The best, most reliable renters take special effort to attract and landlords in San Diego should energize their marketing efforts to get reliable tenants. There are several ways to do this.

Upgrade Your Curb Appeal

This ordinarily refers to the outside appearance of a house. People will be attracted to a property that is clean and well kept. A landlord can improve the chances of having interested traffic if the area is free of trash and debris. A fresh coat of paint or some landscaping updates can do wonders to a property’s appearance!

Optimize Your Leads

A personal touch helps. Whenever a person looks at a vacancy, a follow-up email, thanking that individual for stopping by, is appreciated. If you ask that person whether he or she would like vacancy updates, and they agree, you have the start of a database for future leads.

Lease renewals are a way to generate leads. Once again, the personal touch matters. A personalized reminder which expresses the hope of a renewal is the start. Once the renewal happens, a landlord can follow up with a thank you and perhaps a gift card to show appreciation. The landlord can ask if the tenant will leave a favorable comment on Yelp (be sure to have the appropriate Yelp link embedded in the email). Consumers pay attention to Yelp comments and a good one can generate some traffic.

Be Available During Peak Times

You should extend your office hours during the peak season to encourage after-work visitors to come and see a vacancy. By working with people’s schedules, you are able to show the unit more frequently and fill vacancies sooner.

Use Social Media Effectively

Millennials are mobile and if you have a mobile app, there is a better chance of a prospect contacting you. Instagram is an excellent medium for showcasing your vacancies. The content must be changed on a routine basis to maintain interest.

Pictures on Instagram need to look sharp. A clear picture which highlights a vacancy’s good points is not always possible by using a smartphone. Hiring a professional photographer to take pictures is the best idea.
A landlord with a large real estate portfolio may not have the time to concentrate on lead development. Property management companies in San Diego will make lead development a priority. Alta Vista Properties is one that gives clients maximum service.

Going Two Steps Beyond!

We are a property management company in San Diego that proactively markets vacancies. We use our leads and generate more to serve our clients better. Alta Vista Properties makes use of social media and we have a well-earned reputation for good service.

There is more to being a property management company than marketing. Financial reports must be produced and they must be accurate. There is also the concern of day-to-day relations with tenants and adherence to building codes. Alta Vista Properties is a professional in the field. We have worked with clients of all sizes for decades, and we understand how to maintain and increase the value of the real estate portfolio.

Our clients can expect accurate reports, leases that are properly administered, and evictions that are done according to the rules specified by law. We use a nondiscriminatory process of choosing the best possible tenants for the property. Rent is able to be collected via electronic transfer so that our clients receive the rent money at a specified time each month. This makes it easier to do financial planning.

A good marketing program is going to help keep apartment units occupied and income flowing into bank accounts. Our clients like what we do for them and trust our ability to manage their rental units.

Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions.


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