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Maintaining Tenant Relations

hand shaking tenant landlord relationship property management real estate san diegoTenants provide the stream of income which makes investment property worthwhile. The best landlords in San Diego appreciate that those who occupy the apartment or rental home are important and need attention. Therefore, maintaining tenant relations is a high priority.

Having good tenant relations does more than assure that rent is being paid. Friction between a landlord and a tenant can result in complaints being filed and, worst of all, lawsuits being filed. Maintaining tenant relations is not rocket science but does require some understanding. A good property owner must know what it takes to create a great atmosphere. Here are some ideas that will lead to successful tenant relations.

Be Careful about Rent Increases

Everyone knows that rent in San Diego is high, but no landlord should assume that people accept rent increases without discussion. Not giving enough notice about rent increases is enough to encourage the goose that lays the golden egg to fly away. A landlord must be careful about the size of any rent increase and must communicate the reasons why as effectively as possible. Providing sufficient notice of a rent increase is an expected courtesy.

Keep up Good Communications

It is true the landlord may live miles away from the property, but it does not mean that anyone should be an absentee landlord. It is better to have a working relationship with tenants and maintain open communication with them. This is going to be especially helpful when damage occurs, and repair work must be done. A good relationship with steady communication encourages a tenant to report problems as soon as possible.

Know Your Legal Boundaries

California has some very firm tenant-landlord laws and they must be obeyed. A landlord in San Diego who acts arbitrarily may discover a complaint is being filed. There are also local building codes which must be obeyed. Any property owner who ignores them runs the risk of having an expensive apartment investment being closed due to code violations.

Be Careful in Selecting New Tenants

It doesn’t mean using unfair and illegal discriminatory practices. However, a landlord must be careful about who will be a tenant. Background checks are important and any prior information about a prospective tenant’s trustworthiness and willingness to pay the rent need to be investigated. A little caution will stop problems from even beginning.

Consider Using a Property Management Company in San Diego

Landlords have a lot to do and may not have enough time to directly maintain tenant relations. It makes sense to have a third-party take care of daily activities. There are many property management companies in San Diego and Alta Vista Properties is one of the best.


Alta Vista Properties is Tenant Centered

We believe in a comprehensive approach to tenant relations and use a nondiscriminatory process to select new tenants. Candidates who have essential problems are screened out based on facts, not hunches. We are fair in managing leases. Alta Vista Properties takes time to explain the lease and we will gladly answer questions.

We make things convenient. Alta Vista Properties sets up electronic transfer of rent and we have a portal on our website that allows a tenant to quickly report any damage. We are available to address any issues a tenant might have.

Attention to detail and high emotional intelligence are why we have a record of good tenant relations. Renters stay with us longer and have expressed satisfaction with all our efforts. The same is true for our clients. They like the way we work with tenants and are grateful for all we do to keep the income stream flowing.

Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions.


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