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Technology Makes Property Management Easier

computer property management real estate san diego lease tenant landlord inspection social media technology investment propertyLandlords in San Diego who have only one or two rentals do not seem to mind hands-on work. These property owners are willing to take an active interest in their property and many of them are retired people with time on their hands. However, this isn’t always true of someone who has a sizable real estate portfolio. In this case, it is beneficial to make use of the latest property management technology.

Real estate management may just be one investment opportunity. But, there may be other business ventures that occupy time, and directly supervising property can be a chore. A large portfolio also needs resources to be managed effectively and technology offers ways to increase efficiency. The best property management companies in San Diego know how technology helps.

Technology Permits Electronic Rental Payment.

The traditional practice of going door-to-door to collect rent is a terrible way of doing things. The landlord is at risk for robbery, depending on the neighborhood, and may have to confront a tenant who can’t pay on time. Therefore, it’s better to have rent money transferred electronically to the landlord’s bank accounts. Paying rent online is not only more efficient for property managers, but easier for tenants as well.

Online Marketing Reaches Crowds.

Available apartments in San Diego need to be aggressively marketed. Social media is an excellent way to reach out to prospective tenants in San Diego and let them know that there is property available.

Tax Season Is So Much Easier.

The old-fashioned method of having an account clerk do all the tabulations is an invitation to mistakes. Accounting software is available that makes it much easier for any landlord or property manager to produce accurate reports whenever the government needs them.

Better Property Management.

Every landlord knows there is more to supervising property than collecting rent and scheduling repairs. Day-to-day management of a large real estate portfolio can turn into a 60 hour a week ordeal for a landlord. There is only so much time in the day and a smart landlord will look at a high-quality property management company in San Diego to take care of their apartments and rental homes. Alta Vista Properties is one of the best in the area.

We Are Committed to Efficiency

Alta Vista Properties uses technology to increase efficiency. We help tenants set up electronic transfers so that rent goes to the landlord on a specified day each month. We don’t want human error to generate faulty reports and we have software that creates accurate documents. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the figures being wrong.

Our website has a portal for clients to use. If a landlord needs a report it is available in a secure space that the landlord can easily access. In addition, we have a webpage for tenants to report accidents. This is all better than requiring people to make telephone calls or send emails to request information or to submit it.

We also use social media to maximum advantage. Prospective renters can see photos of vacant rentals we manage on our site and popular real estate pages, as well. Alta Vista Properties takes care to update the pictures on a regular basis. Additionally, we only use professional real estate photographers and the best features of the listings are highlighted.

Almost all of our daily activity uses technology, but we still maintain a face-to-face relationship with tenants. We are advocates of transparency and we will resolve disputes and answer questions whenever we are approached. Our sensitivity to tenant relations is a primary reason why tenants renew their leases with us and tend to stay at AltaVista Properties managed apartments longer than at other rentals. We combine efficiency and emotional intelligence to guarantee high rates of return on investments for our clients.

Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions.

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