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Keeping Rentals Occupied in San Diego

rental home property investment landlord tenant property management lease keeping rentals occupiedThere are lots of opportunities in San Diego real estate. Sales are down a bit and the prices of houses are up, but that is not a problem for landlords in San Diego. It means people are delaying the purchase of a house and will continue to rent. More people renting homes is good for keeping rentals occupied.

The Risk

Landlords in San Diego invest a lot in their properties. These units must have paying renters to remain profitable. Apartments cannot stay vacant for long periods of time. Lack of income from vacancies is one issue and extended periods of an empty dwelling is another.

Those looking for apartments in San Diego are cautious. If they see an apartment unoccupied for months, they may think something is wrong with the residence. Insurance companies will charge higher premiums for empty dwellings, and the cost of maintaining the utilities drains cash reserves. Property management companies in San Diego understand the need to fill the space. Alta Vista Properties is committed to keeping client rentals occupied.

We Use Referrals

Marketing vacancies doesn’t need to be expensive. Alta Vista Properties will ask current and former tenants to refer people to us. Our policy of open and transparent relationships with tenants motivates these people to refer friends and family, helping us to keep rentals occupied.

We know what the physical space should be. We do routine inspections of the rentals in addition to checking the premises when a tenant leaves. We refuse to cut corners on needed repairs. The building contractors with whom we work have earned a reputation for honesty. They only charge for work performed with no hidden fees in the final bill.

Social Media Is Used to Fill Rentals

Internet platforms are great places to advertise vacancies if these websites are used properly. We post pictures of the available apartments and mention the best qualities. Incidentally, these are not pictures taken on smartphones. We use professional photographers to get the right images and highlight appealing features. Interested parties are always impressed by the pictures we use. We post these images on our website, all the various social media platforms, and the best real estate platforms in the area. When it comes to keeping rentals occupied, the internet and social media are crucial.

We Work Hard for Our Clients

Alta Vista Properties is a property management company in San Diego that cares about its clients. We do more than collect the rent or report property damage. Our company is a full-service property management establishment and we have done business in San Diego for decades. We know what it means to maintain value and full occupancy.

Furthermore, we appreciate that serving a client means going one step beyond. We use the very best real estate software to provide the reports that clients need for various public agencies. We can also supply the information necessary to get an additional loan from a bank. Our clients do not have to worry about security of the premises. We see to it that apartments and rental houses are protected and the value of the investment is maintained.

Our clients will now and then sell their apartment units or rental houses. We understand that as part of the business and we work to maintain the image and the quality of the space. Clients can expect to have the value of their property greatly enhanced because Alta Vista Properties is involved. Clients also know the reputation of their property is safe and tenants are quick to pay compliments to the Better Business Bureau and consumer boards. Alta Vista Properties is what makes the difference.

Our clients have a long-term relationship with us and it is due to the services we provide, including information about housing rules and regulations. Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions.

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