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Leases: How to Avoid Issues

lease agreement landlord tenant property manager management legal A lease formalizes the relationship between a tenant and a landlord in San Diego. It is a legal document and not adhering to a lease can have consequences. Therefore, property owners must be careful with leases because California tenant-landlord laws are strict. There are some situations which need to be avoided.

1. Outdated Leases

What was a valid lease 15 years ago might not be legal today. Times change and new laws will take effect. Any landlord who uses an outdated document can get into major legal trouble.

2. Out-Of-State Leases

Some landlords have property in other states and will use leases from those other jurisdictions. But, these are not acceptable in California and cannot be used.

3. Ignoring Existing Laws

A few landlords will use homemade leases, figuring one or two units will not get any attention. However, any lease violating California’s tenant-landlord law or local laws is an invitation for a tenant to sue.

4. Lack of Transparency

No landlord can assume a tenant understands a lease. There might be questions that come up later and need answers. Therefore, landlords should never be so busy that they cannot answer questions.

Transparency is important for daily matters. Tenants in San Diego pay substantial rent and expect a high level of respect and courtesy. Rude and insensitive landlords are a major reason for rental turnover. Effective and honest lease administration is a good way to foster renter retention.

Landlords are busy folks and handling a large real estate portfolio can take up a considerable amount of time. Property management companies can take care of the responsibility of daily activity, including lease situations. Alta Vista Properties is an excellent third-party to work with.

Paying Attention to the Details

We stay on top of the changes occurring in San Diego and California. We will update leases whenever there are new regulations. We are constantly reviewing lease and real estate laws and regulations. A client can be certain that any lease offer to a prospective tenant is in good order and compliant with current statutes.

Transparency matters to us. Any tenant who has a question gets our immediate attention. We will explain any clause and any possible confusion. Paying attention to the tenants has two major benefits:

  • Increases Retention: Tenants in San Diego appreciate great customer service. Alta Vista properties tries to make renting convenient and service immediate. The commitment to service encourages people to stay in one of our managed properties for an extended period.
  • Discourages Legal Disputes: Confusion about the lease can result in formal complaints being filed or even lawsuits. Neither is good for business, but landlords sometimes forget. We do not want any of our clients in court or in front of a magistrate explaining the lease. Our commitment to service helps us keep both formal complaints and lawsuits at a minimum.

We Enforce the Lease

Alta Vista Properties will not hesitate to enforce a lease if the tenant has become negligent or refuses to meet state obligations. We will carefully explain the cause of lease infractions to a tenant and point out ways to rectify the situation. Nevertheless, the situation may require a firm response. Be assured that we follow the legal guidelines about eviction to the letter.

Lease management is not rocket science, but it does require experience and understanding. Alta Vista Properties is a property management company in San Diego that has served landlords for over 30 years. We provide other services that a property owner can use; everything we do enhances the value and the income stream of the real estate portfolio.

Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions.


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