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To Market, To Market

lease agreement rental property landlord property management property managerLandlords in San Diego know their properties’ value. They understand it is more than the market selling price because a steady income stream is a primary reason for investing. Consequently, rental units cannot stay vacant. Efficient marketing is the only answer to the vacancy question.

It means that posting signs and placing ads in trade magazines will only go so far. Marketing requires smart use of all available tools. There are some ways to efficiently market vacant rentals and get the desired results.


1. Use Attractive Photos

Most people want to see images of the apartment before paying a visit. Investing a little money in a professional photographer’s services is worthwhile. These people will shoot the best angles and even use drone cameras to get the best results.

2. Utilize Social Media

Facebook and Instagram are great advertising mediums if they are used properly. Landlords forget to update the images and all pictures often clutter the space. A schedule for adding new photos and renewing the old ones can keep the platform fresh.

Twitter can reach out to many respective tenants in San Diego. The best way to arouse curiosity with Twitter is to place an image of a recent property in the tweet. A link to the available property brings traffic.

Do not forget Yelp. Having an account enables satisfied tenants to post good reviews on one of the best consumer boards on the Internet. It provides an opportunity also for the public to see how a landlord responds to a given complaint.

3. Use Incentives

Existing tenants make the best leads. They tell friends and family about vacant apartments and share other information, as well. A landlord can persuade tenants to spread the word if a few incentives are used. It can be a month of free rent for every new tenant referral or help with utilities. Any costs incurred are outweighed by the benefit of a new tenant signing a lease.

4. Maintain the Property

A prospect will eventually visit the vacant apartment and will need to be impressed. A fresh coat of paint helps, and all needed repair work makes the place attractive. Any improvements to the property can also catch the eye of a possible tenant.

The above are in addition to traditional forms of marketing, which should be included in an effort to fill rental vacancies. Landlords don’t always have the time or the expertise to conduct a proactive marketing campaign and will ordinarily rely on property management companies in San Diego to do the work. Not every property manager, however, can do the work. It is important that a landlord select the right third-party and Alta Vista Properties is a property management company in San Diego with a reputation for superior client service.

We Are Aggressive Marketers

At Alta Vista Properties, we get busy as soon as possible when an apartment becomes available. We will broadcast the vacancy throughout the metropolitan area and rely on sources we used in the past to spread the word. Alta Vista Properties knows the importance of social media and it is part of our efforts. We also maintain good relationships with our tenants, and they provide excellent leads which we will follow up on. Alta Vista Properties’ clients may expect to have a vacancy off the market in record time, and a new tenant who can be relied on to pay rent and respect the property. The marketing effort is just one of the services that we will provide for our clients.

Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions.

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