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Maintaining Property Value with Inspections

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Location does affect property prices, but the property’s value is about more than just a street address. Apartments and houses can deteriorate if a landlord in San Diego does not pay attention.

Accidents will happen and the weather will cause damage. Repairs will become increasingly more expensive if ignored. Holes in the wall invite vermin infestation and leaky pipes will breed black mold. Property management companies should follow these simple guidelines to maintain property value.

  1. Pre-and Post-occupancy Inspections
    Checking rentals before a tenant occupies it and after that same person leaves lets a property manager know if any damage was caused by the tenant while in residence. If there is repair work, the cost will come out of the security deposit.
  2. Routine Rental Inspections
    This is a great way to stay on top of repair work. A property management company in San Diego can schedule these property reviews at a convenient time for the tenant. Inspection need not be too long, and it can cover specific areas. Necessary repairs are then addressed.
  3. Make It Convenient for Tenants
    Most tenants will not try to hide damage. They will report problems and the property manager should make it easy to give notice of damage. A website that has a damage reporting page is a smart idea. It encourages tenants to report problems and repair contractors can be immediately contacted.
  4. Use Reliable Contractors
    A reliable contractor does not cut corners. An ethical contractor is compliant with local building codes. The company will also not pad the bill and charge only for work completed. Property managers should have a list of reliable contractors who will do the required repairs.


You Can Look to Alta Vista Properties to Maintain Property Value

We have offered service to landlords in San Diego for almost 40 years and we recognize the importance of value. The last thing we ever want a client to confront is a distressed sale of property or having a multi-unit rental condemned for a violation of building code. Alta Vista Properties does everything they can to be sure that those properties we manage are in excellent condition.

We inspect the property on a routine basis and especially before and after a tenant leaves. Enforcing the safety deposit deduction for damage is a sensitive issue, but we can handle this. We do routine inspections of apartments and rental houses, checking for any damage that needs immediate repair.

We deal only with contractors of high integrity. Those plumbers and building maintenance contractors with whom we do business have a reputation for honesty. They will not pad the bill with hidden or unexplained costs. They also will only charge for work they do. Everything they do complies with the local building codes.


We Use Courtesy and Diplomacy with Tenants

Alta Vista Properties cultivates a working relationship with all tenants. We are transparent in our dealings and we are willing to explain any part of the lease. We are polite when it comes to arranging for inspections. We make certain that our inspection comes at a convenient time for the tenant and we respect their property. We are very proud of the reputation we have established with renters in San Diego. Tenants want to renew their leases with a property managed by Alta Vista Properties.

We have other services we provide for clients. Everything we do is to maintain a good return on investment and protect the value of a client’s property. Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions.

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