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An Effective Marketing Strategy Helps Fill Vacancies

Real estate marketing in San Diego has evolved over the years. Print media is still used, but other avenues need to be explored. Apartments are in demand, but good tenants are not always easy to attract. Landlords in San Diego must keep rentals occupied but they are competing for the best residents. A good marketing strategy will keep apartments occupied.  It is important to stay up to date with current industry trends. Property management companies in San Diego may use various tactics but the overall marketing strategy adheres to several core principles.

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1.Visual Content.
Interested renters will look at pictures of the apartments before visiting them. Consequently, it is important that any pictures of the property be taken by professional photographers and not smartphone cameras.

Video might also be used and editing is going to be extremely important. The best features of the apartment must be shown with an eye towards professional presentation.

2.The Website.
A good property management company in San Diego has its own website. The Internet space is used to provide images of the apartment and includes useful information about the property. Web content is an essential part of presenting the property on a website. A good copywriter is going to be able to highlight the most attractive features and have answers for preliminary questions.

The website itself must be easy to navigate. The overall design and content of the website should be one a search engine can easily find and be interesting so that a person browsing the web will spend a little time on the pages.

3. Leads and Referrals.
Property management companies need to cultivate a bank of leads and referrals for properties. Being able to track down the right tenant is going to save an awful lot of time and prevents a great deal of frustration.

Existing tenants are some of the best leads and referrals for a property management company. These are ordinarily very satisfied with their apartment and are willing to provide information. The tenants can also be encouraged to spread the word and refer good people with various incentives, such as a temporary discount on rent for some time.

4. Proactive Use of Social Media.
Instagram and Facebook accounts are helpful but a platform that property manager overlook is Yelp. This is a consumer comment board where people give reviews. A property management company can optimize the use of Yelp by encouraging satisfied tenants to post comments. It can include sending emails to these tenants that have the link to the Yelp account.

Our Marketing Program

Alta Vista Properties makes use of a proactive marketing strategy to get apartments and rental houses occupied. We take advantage of social media and we also use professional photographers for promotional images. Our website is easy to navigate and we direct people to the right places. Content is easy to understand and provides valuable information. We know that we are competing against other companies and we have risen to the challenge for more than 30 years. We have a solid reputation in the community for being an industry leader.

Alta Vista Properties dedicates itself to serving the client. We offer many property management benefits to guarantee a good return on investment. These include electronic rental transfers, client portals on our website and report preparation, among others. We can fulfill client needs while keeping costs down, and our reputation is the community is stellar. All you have to do is check our Better Business Bureau file for verification.

Our clients have a long-term relationship with us and it is due to the services we provide, including information about housing rules and regulations. Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600, by email at or online at We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions.


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