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The Good, the Bad, and Those in the Middle

Tenants vary in character. The best are very reliable, the worst are not trustworthy, and everyone else has good intentions but will forget things or act silly. Property management companies in San Diego have seen them all. Some of these property professionals don’t quite know what to do with certain residents, however. Alta Vista Properties has been in the business for many years. We know how to manage tenant relations.
Hidden in Plain Sight
Potentially bad tenants in San Diego are not a mystery. Frankly, they hide in plain sight. They leave a record behind of complaints filed with various public agencies, especially the police department. Former landlords in San Diego will also comment on problems they experience with obnoxious residents. It requires a thorough background check to find the problem. Not all landlords are willing to do that, and they are in a rush to fill the space. It results in an unreliable person occupying the apartment.
Alta Vista Properties firmly believes that discrimination is not acceptable. Nevertheless, we do think that a complete background check is the only way to safeguard our clients from a financial disaster. We will conduct nondiscriminatory reference checks and consult with former landlords. We want to be sure that a prospective tenant pays the rent on time, does not damage property, and is a good neighbor. Keeping an eye on the various nondiscriminatory laws in San Diego, we can find good tenants whom we can trust.
Education Stops Problems
Many people have the best intentions, but do not understand the lease they signed. Alta Vista Properties will take time to acquaint the person with the lease before they sign. We encourage questions and allow person to take as much time as practicable to review the lease. Once that paper is signed, Alta Vista Properties will live up to its side of the deal. We do not have hidden clauses or special practices. A tenant can expect full compliance with that agreement.
We coach tenants on how to report damage. A good tenant will try to repair a mistake and while the idea has a good intention, it is a bad mistake. Amateurs should not try to fix leaky pipes or problems with the air conditioning. We want reliable contractors, the type whom we have dealt with in the past, to address these problems. We know that such people will only charge for the work done without any hidden fees. We trust these contractors because of experience and the good standing they have with the Better Business Bureau.
Honest Rent Payment
We discovered in our years of property management that most tenants are more than willing to pay the rent. Unfortunately, a person’s day gets hectic and attention is directed to other things. The traditional methods of rent payment can result in forgetting to pay, not paying on time, or even having the rent stolen. We want rent to be honestly collected and that is why we do not go door-to-door. Instead, we will use electronic transfers. Alta Vista Properties and the tenant arrange for money to be moved from the tenant’s bank accounts to those of the landlord. It is all done on a specific day of the month, so the tenant can budget properly for it. The electronic transfers mean there is no hassle and the rents are paid promptly.
Alta Vista Properties manages tenant relations with emotional intelligence and experience gained over time. It is no surprise that many tenants renew their leases with us. They respect our professionalism and think of Alta Vista Properties as a property management company in San Diego they can trust.
Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions

Posted by: michaela on August 16, 2018
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