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San Diego Renters Appreciate Convenience

Life in San Diego can be hectic. Traffic congestion plays on your nerves and urban noise does not make life any easier. Tenants in San Diego are concerned about location, but that doesn’t always seal the deal and get them to sign a lease. Peace and quiet are what they truly want. Landlords in San Diego can promote tranquility by offering convenience. That is the primary quality of good service

We Make Things Easier for Everyone
Alta Vista Properties provides the best service. That means life is less complicated for clients and tenants. Collecting rent is a headache and a hassle. We keep it simple by arranging electronic transfers. Payments are wired from the tenant’s bank account to the landlords account, saving time and trouble.
There are landlords in San Diego who will ask their tenants to assume the repair work for certain damages. We feel that is unprofessional and puts a strain on a tenant. What we will do is ask the tenants to report any damage to us so that we can take immediate action. Alta Vista Properties makes this easy by having a portal on our website. The tenant can report damage there and we will respond rapidly. Our established relationships with reputable contractors guarantees that the work is done properly and in a timely fashion.
Problems can arise with lease agreements. A renter might not understand certain clauses of the agreement, and not be aware of his/her obligations. We establish relationships with all renters. We are easy to contact, and we take the time necessary to go over the lease with any tenant. Diplomacy is something Alta Vista Properties excels in. We know how to treat people with respect and courtesy. Those who rent properties managed by Alta Vista Properties will gladly attest to that.
Clients Can Concentrate on Their Investments
We do more than make matters convenient for tenants. We know the pressures a landlord faces, trying to maintain a real estate portfolio which delivers a profit. We will make things easy for our clients as they oversee their investments.

Our records are highly accurate. We do not ask an overworked clerk to tally up the figures. Instead, we input information into our software for storage and reports. If a landlord wants a special financial report for a lending institution, we can easily prepare it. Our client has an online portal that is part of our website. That same report can be easily accessed.
Marketing is critical to any property management. Alta Vista Properties is very aggressive when it comes to marketing any vacancies that may arise. We will use traditional print media, but we also add a few other marketing techniques to it. We can get pictures of available property on all the real estate websites in the San Diego Metropolitan area. Our social media exposure increases the size of the public market viewing available apartments.

We manage this every day. We make sure only the available properties are shown to interested parties. Once the apartment is rented, the pictures go down. Incidentally, professional photographers take those images. We do not snap them from a cell phone camera.
What Alta Vista Properties does for clients and tenants promotes convenience and reduces stress. It allows a tenant to come home and relax more and clients to rest easy, knowing that everything is being taken care of by a superior property management company.
Our reputation is well-known in the metropolitan area and we encourage prospective clients to investigate who we are. It could be the Better Business Bureau, comments on Yelp or even interviewing former tenants. You will hear the same story of how AltaVista Properties is the property management company in San Diego that makes everything so much easier for all parties.
Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions

Posted by: michaela on May 4, 2018
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