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You Must Be Careful with Lease Management

None of us are strangers to legal documents. They are all over everywhere, and our society seems to swim in the papers. Landlords in San Diego know the importance of rental leases. They cannot do business properly unless those documents are in good order.

A lease agreement is very straightforward. This is the paper which defines the relationship between landlord and tenant. In it, the landlord specifies the terms which must be followed for a tenant to occupy the rental apartment or house. Leases cannot be taken lightly but, unfortunately, some landlords do not pay as much attention as they should. It results in some rather embarrassing situations and emergencies that are only resolved with the court appearance. Property management companies in San Diego work with rental leases all the time. Alta Vista Properties knows all about leases and how to properly manage them.

Words, Words, Words

There’s a lot to know about lease vocabulary. The way the sentences and clauses are framed in a lease will govern actions taken. A landlord needs to be sure that what a tenant must do is detailed in the document; you can never assume a tenant will know anything instinctively. Certain words have to be in the lease for it to be effective, and some landlords don’t bother to look carefully at those phrases. Perhaps the biggest mistake is to use a lease that is outdated used in another state. Either one of these can result in embarrassing problems that may be rectified only in a law court.

AltaVista Properties pays attention to lease wordings and we stay current with California law on rentals. We can point out to a client any changes to insert in an existing lease document. We can also suggest new wordings that protect the client’s investment. We of course do more than just interpret words. Alta Vista Properties administers leases for all types of rental properties.

Efficient Administration is an Alta Vista Properties Trademark

Managing a lease requires dealing with the tenants. A property management company needs to have good diplomatic skills. Alta Vista Properties spends a lot of time developing relationships with tenants. It creates a sense of trust that will help in any lease administration. We are always fair and respectful with any tenant. Disputes over the lease language will happen but we make certain that such flare-ups are few and far between. If there is a disagreement, we work within the system to make things right again.

Efficient lease administration begins with finding the right candidates for any vacancy. Alta Vista Properties will conduct nondiscriminatory background checks on anyone who is interested in an apartment or rental house. We check to be sure the individual can pay the rent and be a good neighbor to other people. Regrettably, there are times when evictions must take place. We adhere to the law regarding tenant-landlord relations and carefully follow all procedures. It helps defuse a very volatile situation.

Managing leases is just one of the many services we will provide for a client. Alta Vista Properties has worked with landlords in San Diego for many years, and we know how to deal with lease agreements and tenants. We can do marketing for a client and make sure that repairs are made promptly. All our work is intended to maintain and enhance the value of a landlord’s investment.
Please Check Our References

Our success is reflected in the many clients who stay with us for extended periods of time. The same is true for the tenants who appreciate our commitment to honest lease management. We encourage prospective clients to check with our references, or just ask around about us. We have a reputation that is second to none.
Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions.

Posted by: michaela on January 30, 2018
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