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Background Checks Review Tenant Past Behaviors

Renters in San Diego are by and large honest and dependable folks. They pay the rent on time and cause no damage to the property. All disputes are handled amicably and rationally. Unfortunately, there are some who are problem cases. They’re the type of tenants who take advantage of any situation.
The Danger of No Background Check
The background check reveals problems with a prospective tenant. Discoveries may include the inability to pay rent on time, neglect of property, and even intentional destruction. A reason why bad prospects slip through the cracks is that landlords in San Diego are very busy people. These property owners want to keep the cash flow going and will make decisions quickly. It can result in the wrong kind of person occupying an apartment or rental house.
A bad tenant creates problems as soon as he or she occupies the apartment. Bad habits do not go away easily, and this individual might continue to be irresponsible. California tenant-landlord laws make it difficult to evict this kind of person easily. There’s a lot of paperwork and procedure which must be followed. Good property management companies in San Diego know how to handle this kind of tenant. Alter Vista Properties is a property management company that uses background checks to stop trouble before it happens.
We Move Carefully
A background check is a delicate matter. It must be handled carefully to avoid accusations of slander or discrimination. Alta Vista Properties guarantees all clients and prospective clients we will follow the rules to the letter. If we contact prior landlords, we are only interested in what pertains to being a good tenant. An individual’s personal beliefs are not a concern for us. We want to know if this person will pay the rent on time and respect property.
The public record is examined. We will look at criminal databases and court records to determine if we are dealing with a problem or not. It is important to remember that our background checks are not discriminatory. A person’s race, color, sexual orientation or religion is not critical to us at all. Again, it is whether this person can be a dependable tenant that shapes our decisions.
One might think that the background check takes weeks to do and that is not true. We make use of technology to do the background investigations, and it doesn’t take long before we find out all we need to know. We are then able to make recommendations to the client based on data and data hunches. We are very successful with these background checks in finding the best tenants for the apartments and rental houses.
We Furnish Clients with High-Quality Services
There are many benefits to conducting an effective background check. Obviously, what is most important is punctual rent payment. Alta Vista Properties help make that happen by setting up electronic transfers. Respect for property means reporting damages that occur. We make that easy for the tenant with our website accident report page. Rapport is essential, and when we have a good tenant, confirmed by a thorough background investigation, we can establish the type of relationship that will be profitable for years to come.
Not every property management company can do the type of work we do. Our background checks are complete, and the relationships established with tenants are solid. We have other benefits that we provide to our clients, creating a comprehensive package of services that are fantastic. Alta Vista Properties has managed rentals in Southern California for years. We know what to do to protect our clients’ real estate portfolios.
Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions.

Posted by: michaela on December 2, 2017
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