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Property Management Works Best with Technology

The relationship between a renter and landlord can be a positive one or a confrontational situation. Collecting rent can be a very stressful thing to do, and it can poison the atmosphere. The same is true for damage that occurs on the property. Tenants want plumbing fixed, and landlords want to be sure the right contractors are used. It can all be a big headache that technology can resolve.
Property management companies in San Diego have an overall goal of making owning property easier and more convenient for landlords. These professionals will provide the kind of services that prevent disagreements from flaring up to major problems.
Electronic Transfers are Effective
Collecting rent door-to-door is an invitation to confrontation. Most tenants are civil, but there are some that will start arguing. Moreover, there’s always a chance of nonpayment. Alta Vista Properties goes around this difficulty by arranging for electronic transfers. We use technology to set up a movement of rent cash from one account to another. That way, the landlord gets the money on time
Our website permits a resident to report a repair emergency right away. We can connect with the person immediately and make sure that a qualified contractor takes care of the problem. The wait is not a matter of days but a question of hours. Computerized reports also help with tenant relations. If there is a question about rent payment or repairs being properly handled, the data Alta Vista Properties keep permits a quick examination of the facts and a speedy resolution. The importance of quick resolution cannot be understated. Residents will vacate the premises if a problem is not adequately solved.
We Avoid Human Error Problems
We want to give all of our clients the quality service they deserve. We have been in the property management business in San Diego for decades, and we understand the challenges and problems which may arise on a routine basis. We can handle them. Moreover, our use of the Internet and technology creates high levels of efficiency.
Bad tenant relations are not the only source of trouble for a landlord. Lending institutions need information before approving a loan, and most of it is financial data. Government agencies want reports by a certain deadline, or a property owner will suffer the consequences. Here’s where technology that Alta Vista Properties uses will help.
We do not want the human error to cast a shadow on any financial reports. It is why our software is the best in the business and is known for accuracy. Reports can be generated at a moment’s notice. All the client needs to do is request one from us. Those same reports can be accessed easily because of the client portal that is on our website. Delays do not happen when Alta Vista Properties is the property management company. Clients can be assured that the statistics and information on those reports are accurate and may be available for any reports requested by banks or local government agencies.
Technology dramatically improves efficiency, no question about that. It does have to be used properly, and those who are working with the software and computers must know what they are doing. Alter Vista Properties staff are tech savvy. They can work with spreadsheets and data collection is not a challenge for them. We can see to it that things run smoothly from a computer side. It causes better reports and superior service; just what a client landlord needs.
Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions.

Posted by: michaela on November 14, 2017
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