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Pay Attention to the Housing Codes!

Building codes in San Diego serve the public good. These rules and regulations make certain that residential property is livable. Without them, many houses will be allowed to deteriorate to the point of being unsafe. Landlords in the San Diego Metropolitan area must respect these codes and make certain property is compliant.
A serious challenge will arise if a landlord has more than one property in more than one municipality. San Diego has a lot of suburbs, and each one has their own requirements for housing. You must be careful to make sure that you are following the right guidelines when it comes to maintaining the property in one suburb as opposed to another. Confusion may lead to consequences, such as being required to make alterations within a certain time or even fines.
Property management companies make a business out of maintaining apartments and rental homes. These establishments need to be familiar with any business code update in situ at the new rules are followed. Alta Vista Properties is an outstanding property management company in San Diego. We make certain the rules are followed.
Following an Effective Procedure
We have served landlords in the San Diego area for decades. We understand the building codes, and we follow all of them carefully. If the change revision occurs, we notify our clients immediately. That is not all we do.

We will do routine inspections of the property. We are looking for damage, but we are also checking on code adherence. Older properties may not be entirely within the parameters of a given set of rules. If we see that, we alert the landlord and recommend changes and alterations. The intent is to bring the property back in line with the building code of the area.
A simple way to stay current with the building codes is to make repairs as soon as the damage happens. We encourage tenants to contact us as soon as possible on any problems. Our website has a portal by which a tenant can register a repair need at any time. We are then able to respond immediately to the situation.
We Use Professional Contractors
Some landlords try to save money on repairs. They will either go with a low-quality contractor or permit tenants to make the repairs instead of paying rent. It is a mistake because neither have any real understanding of building codes. The repair work may not be sufficient, and a code violation may accidentally occur. Building inspectors are not very sympathetic to honest mistakes or accidents. If an apartment complex is not up to code, they have the power to enforce sanctions which can include condemning the building. That is a serious blow to any investment portfolio.
Alta Vista Properties knows of these outcomes and works to avoid them. We use only the best contractors in the area to do the work. These professionals respect building codes and will make sure the repairs comply. We expect a great deal out of those contractors. They know not to include any hidden costs in the final bill, and only charge for work performed. Anything more than that and we will no longer work with them.
Keeping property compliant with the various building codes is only one of the services we provide for landlords. We offer other services such as marketing and screening potential tenants. Our clients of always been impressed not only by the service we provide but our commitment to excellence.
Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions.

Posted by: michaela on November 7, 2017
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