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Effective Marketing Helps Eliminate Vacancies

You might think from all the commuter traffic that San Diego is busting at the seams. We agreed that the population of the San Diego Metropolitan area is large and growing, but that does not mean there are large numbers of people looking for a new apartment. A landlord in San Diego should never think that marketing is a waste of time. Getting the word out is the only way to fill the empty space.
Marketing has become more complex over the years. You cannot just put a sign out on the lawn and expect people to respond. Outreach to the public is what smart property management companies in San Diego will do. These establishments will interact with the looking public, and Alta Vista Properties tries to connect with the market.
We are Proactive Marketers
The vacant rental property does not generate income. When a client has an apartment or house available, Alta Vista Properties works hard to find potential residents. We still believe that the print media is a good place for marketing, but is not the only venue. There are other options, and we look down all avenues and use the following:

1. Real estate oriented websites. We will post our vacancies on the main real estate websites so that those who are searching for a new place in San Diego will find us quickly.
2. Our website. Anyone who visits the Alta Vista Properties cyberspace will notice that we have some apartments available for visual inspection.
3. Leads. We have quite a few people who were former tenants of ours. We contact them to inquire if there are friends who may be looking for an apartment. Those who once lived in apartments we manage know about our professionalism. Many are more than happy to spread the word about us.
4. Word-of-mouth. It comes from leads and people who are current tenants. While word-of-mouth marketing may seem to be insignificant, is a major means of getting the word out. We don’t hesitate to use it to get prospective tenants.
Alta Vista Properties Checks the Background
We know how important it is to not only attract interested people but to fill the vacant apartment with quality residents. It is why we do very careful background checks to anyone who is interested in a client’s apartment or house rental. We do not discriminate, but we look at the history of the individual. Anyone who is a possibly a bad tenant is screened out. Everyone else, regardless of color or minority status, is included as possible tenants.
Incidentally, we are not a property management company in San Diego that just conducts a marketing campaign when there is a single vacancy. We market on a regular basis. Alta Vista Properties takes care to see to it that all available apartments are in the public eye. Our continuous commitment to marketing also keeps us sharp and allows us to maintain good relations with marketing venues.
We can fill vacancies quickly thanks to our extensive outreach to the public. Clients appreciate this because it means a cash flow from my rental is not interrupted. We also provide other services to make property owning as easy as possible. It includes electronic transfer of rent, online portals to get information on the properties, and proactive repair work whenever it is needed. We are more than proud of our reputation for excellence in the San Diego real estate market.
. Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions.

Posted by: michaela on November 7, 2017
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