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Effective Apartment Marketing is Crucial!

Alta Vista Properties is proud of our ability to service clients. The rentals that we manage are upscale apartments and houses and we make certain that they have residents. We are a property management company in San Diego committed to marketing. We do our very best.
We Use Several Marketing Strategies
The San Diego Metropolitan area is diverse, and the variety of apartments reflect that. We do not use a boilerplate marketing plan because we know that different sizes require different approaches. A two-bedroom apartment is going to sell differently than a three-bedroom one. The location of the property is an essential part of any marking scheme. We do our best to emphasize the quality of the neighborhood and the neighbors. Any advantage to living in the area is pointed out to prospective tenants. It helps that properties managed by Alta Vista Properties are in some of the best neighborhoods in the San Diego Metropolitan Area. We try to be sure that our outreach network to the public is far-reaching. We advise our clients on the right rent to charge for the area. It is critical because many tenants will not bother with an apartment that is too expensive. We study the trends in the area and make certain that the rents are appropriate. This helps make the apartment or house that much more attractive to a prospective renter.
The Internet is important, and we market our vacancies on all the important real estate websites in the area. Other property management companies in San Diego are not as comprehensive, but we are. Alta Vista Properties knows the value of social media as well. We have a Facebook page which we used to advertise available vacancies, and we aggressively post elsewhere. Perhaps one of our most effective marketing strategies is the use of leads. We will contact former tenants, asking them if they know of any friends looking for apartments. In addition, there are some folks who were looking for a place to rent with us and then changed their minds. We contact them to remind them of the vacancies and perhaps they may have an interest.

Of course, the very best marketing possible is the reputation of property management company. Management that is honest and transparent, willing to work with tenants, and adhering to the lease are the kind that most prospective tenants want to work with. Alta Vista Properties has built up a reputation for reliability and integrity. Whenever there is a dispute, we talk with the tenant and try to seek a resolution. We promote electronic transfers of rent money because that provides our client with income and prevents misunderstandings from occurring. Very positive word-of-mouth marketing is the consequence of our diligence. It is a known fact that our current tenants recommend us to their friends and family. We are proud of our good relationships, and we do the best we can to maintain them.

We Are Successful Marketers
Alta Vista Properties has had a great deal of success with marketing. We can get occupants for empty space in relatively short order. New apartment or rental house cannot stay on the market for long periods. The uninterrupted cash flow is one of the best benefits we provide to our clients. Of course; there are other incentives to working with Alta Vista Properties as well. We have been managing property in the San Diego area for decades, and we understand the market and the population.
Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions.

Posted by: michaela on November 7, 2017
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