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4 Qualities of a Good Tenant

Landlords in San Diego wants good tenants. They do not want to have trouble, and they want to get the maximum benefit out of their properties. Sometimes, it is not easy to determine who is a good tenant. A good property management company in San Diego knows the qualities of a good tenant.

1. A good tenant is respectful. A good tenant is going to respect the property in which he or she lives. They’re not going to cause deliberate damage. If something goes wrong, they report the incident as soon as possible.
2. A good tenant pays on time. A good tenant can afford the rent. This person also pays on time with no record of delinquencies.
3. A good tenant has integrity. This goes beyond just being honest and paying the rent. A good tenant adheres to the contract signed with the landlord. This person is not going to try to get around obligations.
4. A good tenant will renew. It means that there is a continuous flow of cash with no interruption. A good tenant is somebody who once the lease is up will renew it with the landlord.

It is not always easy to spot a good tenant. Alta Vista Properties is a property management company that specializes in identifying and attracting good tenants.
The Pre-Screening Helps
There are usually several people interested in writing an open apartment. We do a careful background check on each. This is not to discriminate against anyone but to make sure the person is reliable when it comes to paying rent and being responsible overall. The examination narrows the number down a little bit, but it is necessary. Once we are satisfied a person has the potential to be a good tenant, and able to pay the rent, we sign them to a lease. We then begin a relationship.
We employ technology to make things easier for everyone. We establish electronic payments to allow rent to go directly to landlord’s bank accounts, reducing the delays significantly. Our website allows for emergency repair request to be handled properly by reliable contractors.
We work with tenants to resolve problems. When difficult situations arise, Alta Vista Properties uses diplomacy and tact to get resolution. We will listen to the other side of any argument. Our attention to the feelings of tenants is a primary reason why many will renew the lease with us. That empathy, plus very efficient service and quick response to emergencies, or reasons why residents want to stay with us.
Unfortunately, it does happen that a tenant proves to be a rotten apple in the barrel. If this happens, Alta Vista Properties moves carefully. Respecting California law regarding eviction, we go through the needful process to make sure that the tenant rights are respected.
We give the necessary notices, and we also provide the required evidence to demonstrate an individual can no longer live in an apartment or rented house of a client. There rarely is a problem with an eviction because we are so thorough in the work. We do not like evicting anyone, but we will do it if it is necessary.
Our ability to identify and retain good tenants is a serious benefit for all our clients. We do everything to make sure that a profitable relationship exists between resident and landlord. This is just one of the services we provide to a landlord in San Diego. We do other things such as aggressive marketing, reliable repair work, and overall administration to make things easy.
Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions.

Posted by: michaela on November 7, 2017
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