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Good Tenant Relations are Critical

Good apartments in San Diego command a high price. People are willing to pay the rent because of location and the environment. Nevertheless, the tenants pay for more than just space. They’re paying for services, and they expect to get them. The most important are property problems that must be fixed. It could be trouble with the toilet, the air-conditioning, or something else that needs special attention. Good tenants do not like waiting around for attention. They have no problem making constant phone calls if needed. A landlord in San Diego must respond. Failure to act quickly may result in a tenant looking elsewhere. That would start the entire process of finding a new resident, and that is time-consuming. Property management companies in San Diego understand the importance of good tenant relations. Alta Vista Properties works to develop a strong rapport.
Emergency Repairs
Emergency repairs must be handled right away. We can respond quickly because of our online repair request form. It lets us know what the difficulty is and when it happens. We use the information to contact the right repair person to take care of the problem. Difficulties with plumbers and electricians often center on the final bill. We assure our clients they are charged only for work performed. Those contractors we deal with know that hidden costs are not allowed.
Convenience helps build a great relationship. Tenants try to budget for rent but sometimes forget to mail the amount to the landlord. Alta Vista Properties makes things easy. We encourage electronic payments with a specified date for the money to be moved. That way, a tenant doesn’t have to worry about prompt payment. Neither does the landlord, for the money is transferred to the business accounts right away
Alta Vista Properties Stresses Empathy
Emotional intelligence is more than a conversation topic for Alta Vista Properties. We encourage our staff to show high levels of empathy and respect to all our tenants. We never barged into an apartment when it comes to inspecting for repairs; we always ask ahead of time. When a resident has trouble with part of the renter’s agreement, we sit down and go over the terms with them.
Our office is ordinarily very busy, but it is not too busy when it comes to a tenant. We will make the time necessary to respond to that individual’s needs. We look at them as more than simply somebody paying rent. There are people for whom we provide the same quality of service as we would do any landlord. Our clients know we will handle these types of situations with a great deal of finesse and careful diplomacy. We are always careful when dealing with problems because we know the wrong words will cause major difficulties.
Our success in tenant relations is reflected in our large base of many happen to be former tenants who appreciate how we treated them. They’re willing to listen about any vacancies we have and will refer their friends to us. This is the ultimate return on the investment of time and effort we expand on all our tenants.
We offer a comprehensive package of services to any landlord in San Diego. Alta Vista Properties goes one step beyond in providing superior service. Diligence protects the investment and prevents disagreements from flaring up into major arguments. If we make a mistake, we admit it and take steps to make amends. Our reputation is built on attention to both client and tenant. We are a property management company that cares.
Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions.

Posted by: michaela on August 16, 2017
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