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Location, Location. Marketing, Marketing.

Location is the mantra of property investment. Anyone who is a landlord in San Diego appreciates how important proper location can be for profit. A good neighborhood, close to the highway or other major transportation arteries, and in an area where there are grocery stores and entertainment areas, can command a high rental fee. Location does not automatically fill any apartment vacancy, however. If the rent is priced too high, no one is going to be interested regardless of the place. A landlord who is not familiar with the various marketing outlets is going to have some difficulty attracting candidates. It can happen that an apartment in a very desirable location stays empty for quite a while. Property management companies in San Diego are very familiar with marketing. They constantly must fill vacancies and know how to attract the right candidates. Alta Vista Properties is a superior property management company in San Diego
Alta Vista Properties Explores All Resources
We do not ignore the print media. The apartment magazines are an old standard and people still use them to find the right place. We will go one step further and use the Internet. We have our own website where we showcase desirable apartments. We also maintain a list of former tenants as a pool of possible leads. We notify them of any available apartments to find interest or to ask them to spread the word. Such rapport often results in a new resident, although one who has rented from us before, to occupy the empty apartment quickly. We leave no stone unturned in our effort to market a vacancy.
Traditional marketing can produce results Word-of-mouth is an excellent form of advertising and existing tenants are some of the best marketers for us. AltaVista Properties cultivates a relationship with all the tenants of our clients. We provide fast service when it comes to repairs, and we do everything possible to make their stay in a client’s apartment worthwhile. This sensitivity pays dividends. Those same tenants will, in turn, spread the favorable word about us to their friends and make it even easier for us to get a reliable tenant into an apartment.
Screening is Essential
There definitely is more to filling a vacancy then some advertising, however. Caution is necessary and screening any candidate is critical. No one wants to have a new tenant with a string of eviction notices or property abuse trailing behind. It is possible to get an outside company to do the screening, but such a third-party will charge for each screening separately. This can get very expensive. A private management company like Alta Vista Properties does screening as ordinary service. We can find out about a person’s renting history, and whether there may be potential problems. That information will enable us to make speedy, and efficient, decisions about renting to that person.
Effective marketing makes use of all avenues to get an open apartment filled. Marketing is also ongoing. Good relations with existing residents means highly effective word-of-mouth advertising. AltaVista Properties does everything possible to make sure there are no vacancies. We want all our clients to have a steady stream of cash with few interruptions or delays in the process. Our current clients are more than satisfied with our efforts, and we invite you to check with them about our work. We have a great reputation, and we work hard to maintain it always. Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions.

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