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Checking Long Term Damage

Long-term tenants are great. They pay rent monthly and are a reliable stream of income for any landlord in San Diego. It doesn’t mean that there aren’t some problems, however. A long-term tenant can get a little too comfortable. It is possible the damage occurs in the apartment and they do not report it. They might be afraid they will be held responsible for the repair and they try to cover up the damage in one way or another. It is human nature but it is dangerous for any investment property. Sooner or later, the tenant will leave. The landlord is then confronted with an expense that may have gotten larger because of years of neglect. Property management companies in San Diego deal with this situation all the time. Alter Vista Properties is no stranger to it.
We Are Careful About Any Inspection
Inspecting an apartment for damages is a very delicate situation. Long-term tenants, the kind that are very reliable, are not people a landlord wishes to have trouble with. There are rules as far as inspecting; you cannot simply walk in to a apartment. Alta Vista Properties is very aware of what we can and cannot do. We follow the rules established by tenant-landlord laws in California. Tenants get a notice of our inspecting the property. AltaVista Properties staff are very polite and respectful. They do not simply barge in and give orders. We know how important it is to have a good relationship.
We do not want tenants to think we are some distant manager who only comes around to collect the rent. AltaVista Properties works to make sure there is a good rapport between us and any tenant. We want all of them to trust us and not suspect our motives. We respond to emergencies quickly. We have worked with very reliable contractors who will respond at a moment’s notice when there is a problem.
Repair Work is Done Quickly
A problem with the plumbing or the air conditioning does not wait. Incidentally, those contractors only bill for repairs done. They do not have hidden charges, and we expect a full explanation of all the work. The quick response helps develop a positive understanding. It means that when we do periodic inspections, the tenants are willing to cooperate.
We would like to think that certain repairs are delayed because of the tenant forgetting about them. Nevertheless, AltaVista Properties has a commitment to maintaining the property. If for some reason there is damage evidence after tenant has left, we do a very thorough inspection of the fax. We look at the record to see what the condition was prior to the tenant arriving and compared with after the tenant is gone. The comparison lets us know if the security deposit should be used. If we must do that, we explain to that former tenant what we are doing and why. It is a sensitive situation but AltaVista Properties has handled these cases in the past. We are not insensitive but we are firm in our dealings. If the tenant is clearly at fault, AltaVista Properties has no problem dealing with the situation in a businesslike fashion. We always hope that a past relationship helps smooth things over.
Long-term tenants are also excellent referrals and leads. We hope that when these people leave they are on good terms with us. Taking care of the property is one of the superior services we provide for our clients. Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions.

Posted by: michaela on July 31, 2017
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