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High Tech Property Management

There are still landlords in San Diego who try to manage things the old-school way. You notice when you walk into their office the stacks of paper everywhere. It means a lot of time is spent trying to find a lease agreement, a receipt, or some other important piece of paper. Precious time for other projects is going to tedious administrative tasks. It is not a good situation and needs correction. There are property management companies in San Diego who are up-to-date on technology. Alta Vista Properties is one of them.
Money Moves Faster
We think it is important to be able to respond quickly to any of the needs of the client. Alter Vista Properties uses one of the best software packages in the property management industry, AppFolio. It allows us to perform any number of services. Perhaps the most important is an electronic transfer of rent money. Going door-to-door is a waste of time and sending rent money through the mail risks theft. The same is true for a drop box. We can set up electronic transfers from a tenets bank accounts to those owned by the client. On a given day of the month, the money deposits in the client’s account; no fuss and no problem at all. Financial record keeping cannot be a file cabinet. Information about expenses and income must be easy to get at, and accuracy is paramount. Because our software we can store financial data without any problem. Moreover, the information is accurate for use in tax filings, loan applications, and any data required by a government agency. It allows our clients to go paperless and that is a good thing.
Access is Easy with An Owner Portal
Supervising property in the good old days was not that great. A landlord would have to constantly telephone the property management company in San Diego to ask about invoices and other bits of information. Alta Vista Properties include an owner portal and its software. A landlord only has to access the portal and discover the paperwork kept there. It is easy enough to download anything. Questions about rent or a recent repair are easy to be answered and the landlord does not spend a lot of time getting information. It is all there online. It is also much easier to screen applicants. AppFolio will allow for standard background checks as well as credit reviews and history of rent payment. The process takes minutes, and not hours as it often happens with manual checks. We can do better marketing of vacancies because App Folio will post notices in record time.
Tenants appreciate the convenience and efficiency of our software. Late-night emergencies get a quick response thanks to the tenant portal. A work order can be submitted and acted on as soon as possible. Of course, electronic transfer of rent makes much easier for the resident to budget.
Our high-tech approach to property management also includes the use of social media to get the word out about available apartments. Everything we do cuts down on time spent doing administrative work. It allows us to develop a better relationship with our client’s tenants. That is important in the long term. Although tenants do leave for other apartments, there may come a day when they are looking yet again for new home. A solid rapport built with these people creates a pool of leads we can tap into. It helps fill open space that much faster. We would like to be of service and would appreciate the chance to tell you more about us. Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions.

Posted by: michaela on July 11, 2017
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