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Marketing The Right Way

The Internet has revolutionized marketing. People doing business are setting up websites and creating a presence in cyberspace to attract customers. Landlords in San Diego are no different. Many are setting up their own site, thinking it will attract people. They also make use of existing sites like The only problem is there is more to successfully using the Internet.
You have to do more than just establish a landing page and hope people will show up. There is a need to use keywords and other Internet marketing strategies to attract a crowd. There are property owners who think they can take pictures of their apartments or rental homes with a smartphone camera. That is definitely a bad idea. Property management companies in San Diego have a better idea of how to effectively use the Internet. Landlords need to look at them, and Alta Vista Properties is one of the best.
We Take a Serious Approach
We have been a property management company in San Diego for over 30 years. The rents that are charged by our clients can be upscale, and so we take a very serious approach to the marketing. We will not use the smartphone selfies to take pictures of the various properties! Professional photographers are used. We do have pictures posted on the various real estate websites. We also invite people to take a look at the available properties we post our own. You’ll quickly notice the Alta Vista Properties difference.
Prospective tenants appreciate openness and knowing all the facts. We point out the various qualities of the apartments and houses. A person does have to realize that apartments close to the beach are going to command higher monthly rents. However, depending on the owner we can negotiate various amenities such as allowing pets. We post the rents so a person can do some serious rental shopping. The pictures tell the story of the Alta Vista Properties. We do not represent slumlords but owners who have some of the best apartments in the San Diego metropolitan area.
Former Tenants Might Be Interested
Vacant apartments need to be occupied right away. You do not have time to wait because this is not fishing. We kept contact with a number of our former tenants, and these people appreciate the excellent service we provided while they were residing in properties of our clients. This is an immediate pool of prospects which we go to when there is a vacancy. These former tenants know us, and of the quality of properties, we represent. It makes the marketing of what is available so much easier.
We move quickly to fill an apartment but we don’t overlook details. Any prospect who is under serious consideration is checked for their background. We always stay within the limits of the law and discrimination is not permitted. Nevertheless, we want to be sure that whoever occupies an apartment or house is someone who will pay the rent on time and not cause severe damage.
We will check the apartment or damage and not just do it when it becomes available. Instead, we will make the routine inspections to be sure there’s nothing amiss. Tenants know when to expect us, and we are very professional in our behavior. Clients are confident in dealing with us because they know we take property management seriously. The marketing performed by Alta Vista Properties is aggressive, professional, and makes use of all possible venues. Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you


Posted by: jackie on June 19, 2017
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