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Beware of Bad Tenants


Lots of people are looking for vacant apartments in San Diego. That makes sense because the metropolitan area is so large. Still, there is competition among landlords to get tenants. An empty apartment doesn’t make any money, and an owner wants to fill that space as soon as possible. It is understandable, but it is dangerous and a property owner must be careful. You cannot offer a lease to just anybody.
Granted, most residents are honest and trustworthy people. Some are not, and they can be major headaches. They’re the ones that cause damage, play music too loudly, and are tough to deal with when it comes to paying the rent. Quite a few of them have a history of being trouble for other landlords. A property owner who moves too quickly, though, often doesn’t check the past.
It results in problems in the present and bigger ones in the future. Bad tenants will forget to pay the rent, but they also may take advantage of the tenant-landlord legislation. Many of these laws are designed to protect the tenant, but some dishonest folks will benefit from anything in the law. A landlord needs to have someone who knows how to deal with these situations. Property management companies in San Diego confront these challenges on almost a routine basis. Alta Vista Properties is a highly-regarded property management company in San Diego and the entire metropolitan area.
Looking in the Past
Background checks are the best way of stopping a bad tenant at the gate. These investigations are governed by California law and cannot be discriminatory based on minority status. Alta Vista Properties is aware of the boundaries. We’re looking only for certain types of behavior and evidence of trouble. We are successful in identifying potential difficulties and create a pool of reputable candidates. We add to this by contacting those former tenants of other clients who may be looking for new homes. We already know we can rely on these folks.
Preventing Disputes from Happening
Two primary sources of tension and difficulty our rent collection and the security deposit. Alta Vista Properties learn from experience bad tenants will not pay rent on time. Whenever a new tenant moves in, we make arrangements for electronic payment of rent. That way, the resident’s bank account has deducted from it the rent owed on a given date every month. The cash goes directly to the landlord’s account, and rent collection is made easier, safer, and free of any contention. Knowing the poor tenant is not going to report damages quickly, we have routine inspections of the property. The resident has always made aware of the visit, and we are as courteous as possible. Nevertheless, we are looking for any damage. The security deposit can be a battleground when a tenant leaves. We take pictures of the property before this person moving in, and then we do the inspection when the person has left. We can prove whether a resident-caused damage or not. We then explain to anyone why certain expenses were deducted from the security deposit. Alta Vista Properties works with reputable construction contractors. Only those damages, which are beyond wear and tear, will be charged against a security deposit. We can present an ironclad argument for any dispute that may arise.
Professional Service Always
Screening out suspect applicants and preventing problems which lead to a sour relationship will effectively neutralize the bad tenant challenge. Alta Vista Properties performs these activities in an efficient and highly professional manner. People respect that, and troublemakers stay away. We have a reputation for top-quality service to client landlords. Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you

Posted by: jackie on May 23, 2017
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