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Will The Damage Be Noticed?


The deposit on an apartment is ordinarily over $1000 in San Diego. People want to get as much of that back as possible when they leave the premises. Some unethical folks will try to hide the damage they did or deny damage they know they caused. The state of California is very firm rules about those security deposits. While the landlord can use the money for repairing damage caused by the tenant, it must be beyond normal wear and tear.
The Inspections are Needed.
An owner may forget to inspect the premises, and some damage goes unnoticed entirely. It can be a problem if there are holes in the structure. Vermin have a way of getting in and making nests in the damage. That is too bad if the landlord forgets to do a proper inspection, the deposit has already been refunded, and the tenant is gone. Property management companies in San Diego can do the inspections.
Disputes over the deposit can get very nasty. It can include going to small claims court to get a final resolution. Still, there can be disagreements over how the deposit money is used and how much will the tenant receive as a refund. Not following the law can cause a major headache for any landlord. A private management company does inspections after a person has vacated the property. Alta Vista Properties has a history of doing thorough investigations that justify any use of the deposit money.
Alta Vista Properties Does a Complete Job
Alta Vista Properties will do an inspection before and after the tenant leaves. We will check the condition of the apartment or rental before a new tenant takes residence. We then do a second inspection once this person has left. It helps assess whether any damage was done in the time the apartment was rented out.
The property inspection provides the evidence used to justify holding onto the full deposit. We will do the inspection and do it in a fair way. Alta Vista Properties knows that claiming damage which is not within California statute is going to be contested. We will only claim what is used to repair damage beyond ordinary wear and tear. It is important to have ethical contractors, who do not tack on fees. The repair work that may be required is done by contractors we have developed a rapport with. We trust these people they will only charge for work they do on the rental.
We can also do periodic expectations just to check on conditions. It is not because we do not trust the tenants. The building codes in San Diego are going to change periodically. It is important to make sure that any apartment or rented house stays within the guidelines. Those periodic inspections help us determine if the property is compliant. We will recommend any changes necessary to protect the landlord’s investment.
We Are Complete Professionals
Many people who rent apartments in San Diego are suspicious of their landlords when it comes to the security deposit. What one person may consider wear and tear are, in fact, damages to the property. Any issue regarding intent security deposit is a delicate matter. Alta Vista Properties knows that rapport is necessary to avoid future difficulties. Our clients know that we will treat all residents with respect. If there is an issue of damage, we always explain what it is and how we intend to fix it. If there is a concern about refunding the security deposit, we certainly have no problem talking with the resident. Any such conversation is always made professionally and with respect for the other person. We want to answer any questions you have. Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you.

Posted by: jackie on May 9, 2017
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