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The Reporters Must Be Accurate

Tax season is coming to an end and everyone is breathing a sigh of relief. This annual ritual drives folks crazy and sends blood pressure sky high. The good news is the IRS will now leave you alone. The not so good news is a landlord in San Diego still has reports to be filed.
Property in San Diego is a valuable commodity. Many owners rely on loans to purchase apartments and rental houses. The lending institutions want to know how things are coming along, and expect to see financial reports. They are not the only ones interested. If the landlord has financial backing from a group of investors, they want to see the figures. After all that, the various municipalities are interested in property valuations and code compliance. Owners must be able to provide information, and the data has to be accurate.
Avoiding Human Error
A landlord in San Diego might not have the time to prepare all the required documents. It makes better sense to have an outside party handle this. It is why so many sensible owners will use a property management company in San Diego to take care of these matters.
Handwritten records are subject to human error, and we do not use them. Instead, Alta Vista Properties makes use of software that comes highly recommended. We can produce reports on request that are accurate and can be presented to any institution or group of investors. Monthly or quarterly reports are not a problem at all. Any of our clients can access this information from the online portal at any time they need it.
It is both convenient and highly practical. If a landlord needs additional financing, those reports are ready to be used to help expand the business. We can guarantee accuracy because of our software. AppFolio Property Manager is the software solution for high-quality property management companies. It goes beyond just providing financial information on request.
What we have allows us to do standard background and credit checks. We also can determine if a prospective tenant has any problems with past rent history. The software permits us to generate electronic work orders, and we can communicate directly with contractors and vendors. Any who landlord needs a copy of the work order can get it in real time updates. We also can better market properties, allowing our clients to have full vacancies. Naturally, the software also will enable us to send money immediately to a client’s bank account. That by itself is going to assure an excellent return on investment.
All the Information When You Need It.
Landlords must deal with a lot of stress and getting accurate financial reports immediately is one source of anxiety. We can think of no reason for any property owner to have to go through this type of mental anguish. Alta Vista Properties uses its comprehensive software to provide superior service to all clients. Our ability to generate those reports allows you as a landlord concentrate on more important things. Best of all, you have what you need to plan. You also can see where there may be some problems right away. Your online portal is the gateway to the right data you need to succeed.

Alton Vista Properties takes great pride in its reputation for superior assistance. We can help a property owner not only maintain existing investments but grow as well. We want to answer any questions you have. Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you.

Posted by: jackie on April 16, 2017
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