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The Danger of Rents in Arrears

Latest economic figures look good, and there is a chance that people are going to get pay raises this year. It does not mean that financial distress has gone away. Many tenants in the San Diego area have had difficulty with making full payment on what they owe to landlords. Rent in arrears is a significant problem that can damage the investment made in property.
It can happen that people will make only partial payments, or forget to pay the rent entirely. What happens then is the creation of debt outstanding that does not help a landlord at all. A culprit is the way rent is collected. Landlords too often rely on the old fashion door-to-door collection process. It is not a very good way of doing business. If it comes time for eviction, the tenant can claim that they were not at home and could not pay the rent on time consequently. It does not always get that far, and honest tenants will make every effort to repay arrears. Nevertheless, there may still be an unpaid balance on the books, and that is not okay.
Rent must be Collected
Property management companies in San Diego place a priority on getting the rent collected. The only way clients are going to benefit if they receive reliable cash flow. Property managers do not beat down doors and force on the spot evictions. They work within the framework of the law. Routine rent collection does not have to be an exercise in teeth pulling. The old ways of collecting rent, however, are open to abuse an outright theft from other parties. A property management company in San Diego will move a client away from the traditional means of gathering cash. They also handle outstanding rent in arrears cases with diplomacy and care. A client of Alta Vista Properties knows rent; both regular and outstanding will be efficiently collected.
Stop It Before It Starts
The best way to prevent the problem is to stop it even starts. Alta Vista Properties makes sure that tenants pay on time by offering to set up a resident on a tenant portal and create an automatic payment plan, which includes automatic reminder emails. Electronic payments are arranged. Our online payment options include cash, E-check or credit card. The online payment can be made at any time of the day or night. These online payments are transacted from any computer that has an Internet connection. Tenants do want to know whether they’re getting behind in their payments. The tenant portal allows each person to review payment history, permitting this person to perhaps arrange for anything overdue to be paid promptly.
Dealing with Serious Arrears
Even residents with outstanding debts owed have rights under the law. Alta Vista Properties respects those. We always stay within the boundaries of the legal statute in dealing with someone who has a lot of rent in arrears owed to the landlord. We have cultivated a management style that is highly diplomatic, and we approach the situation calmly. The tenant is contacted and advised of consequences, as well as options. Every effort is made to see to it the situation is corrected without a crisis.
Our clients have less problem rent in arrears because our electronic payment and tenant portals make it so much more convenient to pay in a timely fashion. The landlord gets the rent money at expected intervals. There is little problem, and AltaVista Properties has a reputation for getting what is owed. Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you.

Posted by: jackie on March 15, 2017
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