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The Lease Matters

A new landlord in San Diego is going to be excited about the possibilities of making money off the investment. This person, however, may not understand the importance of the paperwork. Elise is more than just a document that needs to be signed. Information has to be precise and detailed the tenant-landlord relationship. Trouble happens when you can’t
Leases Can Be Complicated
A few property owners make the mistake of using any lease. The paper may be legal in another state but not in California. Additionally, the state of California makes changes to housing laws all the time. The lease used may need to be updated and done quickly. The landlord often does not have the time to deal with such detail. Property management companies in San Diego know what to do. They deal with leases on a daily basis. Their experience allows them to review any new landlord’s lease, pointing out where there may be some problems. Alta Vista Properties is one of the best property management companies in the San Diego Metropolitan area. We have built a reputation based both on ethics and efficiency. Moreover, we are skilled in managing a tenant lease.
We Educate Clients About Leases
It is necessary for the new landlord to understand the lease. We go over it carefully with a new client, explaining all the various paragraphs. We consider educating a landlord one of the services we provide. We equate our clients with the existing tenant – landlord legislation, both in the state of California and at the local and county levels. When a situation arises in which a tenant may have to be evicted, we do more than just consult the lease. We make sure that all requirements under the law are followed.
Conversely, we are willing to discuss with any new tenant any part of the lease which is about to be signed. We will answer any questions anyone may have about the piece of paper which governs their occupancy. We do this in a very diplomatic manner which shows respect for the other person. Discussing the lease with the new tenant is the beginning of a relationship which we hope will last quite a while. Too often problems arise because of misunderstanding that we do not want that to happen. When there is a dispute over the lease, we deal with it very professionally and with a great amount of courtesy. We point out various parts of the lease and seek to find a resolution of the dispute amicably
We Explain the Lease to Tenants
Laws governing leases will change periodically, but housing codes changed a bit more frequently. Alta Vista Properties stays current with any changes in the building codes of the San Diego area. We learned our clients to any amendments and offered suggestions on how to best handle them. Alta Vista Properties has established relationships with construction contractors all over the area. If renovations had done to bring rented space up to code, we know who to go to for quick and efficient action. AltaVista Properties goes one step further by making certain that only those repairs or renovations are done are what will be billed.
Leases have to be renewed, and our interaction with tenants makes the renewals so much easier. People like Alta Vista Properties in the way we handle problems. It is easier for residents to renew their lease because they know what to expect from us. We are transparent and where efficient. Tenants like this and will stay with our clients longer. It means that steady flow of income, something every landlord wants, remains robust and lucrative.
We offer a number of services and we welcome the opportunity to discuss them with you. Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you

Posted by: jackie on February 27, 2017
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