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Property Inspections Can Save Money

Several apartment units or rental houses can be major pieces of an investment portfolio. Any landlord in San Diego will want to be sure that the property maintains, or increases, its value. Neither is something that just happens by itself, however. The units must be maintained and while this costs money in the short run, ignoring the property will increase expenses in the longer term. Property inspections need to be part of owning investment property
Checking for Damage
Renters are not always going to report structural problems. These problems are not always a random hole in the wall. Moisture can be trapped in the wood beams and start rotting away at the timbers. Termite colonies can quickly develop in a dark place. This is also true about black mold, which could end up causing an apartment or house to be condemned. Again, renters are more concerned about the damage they might cause and not what develops behind the walls.
It is always important to check the property after a person is left it. It can determine whether a security deposit is going to be reimbursed to that individual. Failure to inspect the condition can result in deposit being returned, but the damage being discovered later. This can cause difficulty with any new tenant. Property management companies in San Diego understand how important it is to do such inspections. There is a major one which must be done on a routine basis to avoid the severe cost.
Code Violations Generate Fines
Municipal building codes need to be taken seriously. Property that is not maintaining compliance with the rules can justify a landlord being forced to pay a substantial penalty. The condition of the structure must be in good order. Any inspection that uncovers termite colonies or black mold infestation can result in significant expenses and possibly even having the property condemned. No landlord wants the latter to happen but it could if he or she is careless. An efficient property manager is going to make certain that all the right inspections are done. Alta Vista Properties has a reputation of maintaining client property. Property inspections are one of the services we perform.
Checking the Property Status
Alta Vista Properties wants to maintain property value for our client. We have periodic inspections of rental property to do that. Those inspections are not meant to be intrusive but to find out information. If we discover that black mold is starting to form, we react to it quickly Alta Vista Properties relies on a network of building contractors which we have developed over the years. These professionals will make the necessary improvements and will charge a reasonable fee for services.
Our inspections are also to determine if a property follows building codes. If for some reason an apartment or house is not, we once again go to action and make sure that necessary improvements are performed. We also check property as a tenant is leaving. We have a reputation for being fair about the security deposits, but we also are firm in seeing only what is deserved is returned. If any part of the deposit needs to be used to make necessary improvements, we are diplomatic dealing with a former tenant. That type of courtesy stops the other party from spreading bad stories about our clients. Those clients who work with us appreciate the attention we give to the property with the inspections. It all helps to maintain a high level of value. Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you.

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