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Background Checks Mean Something

The San Diego Metropolitan area is an enormous population center, with millions of people. It doesn’t mean, however, that apartments are filled immediately. Vacancies happen, and the landlord gets a little nervous about not getting rent on time. These busy property owners may be tempted to allow a person to rent property without bothering with a background check. It is a terrible mistake.
Care is Important
You want to be able to trust folks, but you must be careful. A tenant with a suspect background can do more than just not pay rent. Indeed, this person may try to rent out your property without you knowing it. Neglect of property or deliberate damage can also be problems. The landlord has every right to be sure that whoever is renting the property is reliable. Background checks are procedures that need to be carefully followed. Having rental application form completed by a prospective tenant is important. This document ordinarily contains in small print permission to do a background check. A credit report can be processed by the three primary reporting (Trans Union, Experian, and Equifax). This is the first step in the background check.
It gets a little bit tougher as the process moves forward. The sex offender database ought to be investigated to check on the candidate’s background. The same goes for state and national criminal records. You need to find out what kind of a tenant this person was in the past. This means looking at previous addresses, and perhaps inquiring about this individual. Such personal inquiries are the reason for asking the prospective tenant to supply references. All of this work has to be done with laws against discrimination in mind. You do not want to deny a person housing because of their minority status. Landlords can be very concerned about all of this, fearing that one false move can get them into serious legal trouble. Property management companies in San Diego deal with background checks all the time. It is part of the service they provide. You can expect Alta Vista Properties to conduct in-depth background checks that give information, and comply with the law.
We Have Done This All Before
Alta Vista Properties has been a primary player property management industry for decades. We have worked with clients who may have just one rental or several. Getting vacancies filled with the right people is critical. We make sure that is going to happen.
We have been down the road before we know how to see to it that background checks are done properly and within the rules of law. We will investigate a person’s credit history as well as any background found on national databases. We will speak with references, but the information we seek is related to renting property only. In other words, we are not concerned about person’s private life if it has nothing to do with property rental. A landlord can be assured that we will treat any prospective tenant with lots of respect. Once we had the information required, we will report back to the owner. It is then up to this person to decide whether to follow through with the lease.
San Diego rental property is relatively expensive, and its upkeep is essential for value. Having good tenants assures that the apartment or house will be respected. Alta Vista Properties go the extra mile to make sure that the best people will occupy the space. Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you.

Posted by: michaela on November 14, 2016
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