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The Tenant Relationship

Believe it or not, tenants are not gypsies. You may think that they stay in one place only for a few months and then move on to greener pastures but that doesn’t always happen. Rental property in San Diego is not cheap at all. It is difficult to find a good apartment or house to rent. A landlord quickly discovers that most tenants are bit reluctant to move but will do so if they must. Developing and maintaining a strong tenant relationship is the best way to keep the cash flow positive.
A Good Relationship Takes Time
A productive relationship starts before the tenant even moves in. It is when the property is shown, the background of the prospective tenant is checked, and any interviews are conducted. The landlord can develop a chemistry at that time with the person which can continue over a long period, but this is efficient only if there are a few rentals. There is just so much time.
A landlord has numerous other activities which makes it hard develop close contact with tenants. Multiple rentals in his or her portfolio makes a one on one relationship almost impossible. Property management companies in San Diego are aware of the importance of a good relationship with tenants. They concentrate on that. Alta Vista Properties has been providing service to landlords since 1980 in the San Diego area. We are proud to say that we create the kind of rapport with tenants that turns into long-term stays. Our background checks are professional and within the parameters of fair housing laws. Any investigation into a prospective renter is treated with discretion and respect for the individual. New tenants discovered that moving into a vacant apartment is very easy when Alta Vista Properties is the property manager.
Service Makes It Happen
At the core of our relationship building is service. Tenants want repairs done as soon as possible. We have a network of highly reliable contractors who can address these leaks and failures effectively (incidentally, these same contractors bill only for the work they do. There are no hidden surprises in the invoice.). If a tenant has a question is taken seriously by our staff. Problems with the lease are worked out, and confusion is put to rest. Collecting rent is always a potential friction point. We can set up electronic transfers with the tenant, so that collecting the money is as easy as possible.
Our superior service provides a significant dividend for our clients. Tenants are not likely to move around when they feel they are being treated well and issues are addressed. They are more willing to continue occupancy and it is a major boost to profits. A vacancy is not something that any landlord wants to have and there are fewer vacancies when Alta Vista Properties is administering the apartments. You can think of this attention to detail as a way of generating profitable leads. Our service encourages existing tenants to refer a client’s rentals to their friends.
It is understandable that tenants might not stay a lifetime in an apartment. Families grow in opportunities to purchase a house will arise. Our commitment to a good relationship encourages a tenant to no longer move around. This person is every reason to stay because Alta Vista Properties makes it worthwhile. Our services are comprehensive and intended to cover as many bases as possible. Any investigation into our past record will uncover highly satisfied clients, and a commitment to better business practices. We encourage you to find out as much about us as possible. That investigation includes a conversation with us about what we can do for you. Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you.

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