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Managing The Cash Inflow

Everyone likes money and landlords are no exceptions. Anyone who has invested time and assets in rental apartments or houses wants to see a good return on investment every month. That is understandable, but there’s a bit more cash flow than just receiving a pile of money.
Getting all the rent at the same time is not necessarily a good strategy. It can leave the landlord cash poor at the wrong time of the month and that heads towards disaster. In many cases, it’s a good idea to stagger the amounts of money received, such as having collections done in the middle and the end of the respective month.
Scheduling Rent is Not Easy
It is a challenge that sometimes is easier said than done. Scheduling rent collection is not easy. Serious problems arise when the rent is late. It can impact the cash flow if it happens too often with too many tenants. Scheduling rent could turn into sizable challenges and late submissions can cause financial trouble. It makes perfect sense for a landlord to outsource rent collection to a property management company in San Diego.
A property manager is going to advise the client on how to set up rent payments best. It requires taking a look at the monthly expenses and determining how much is needed to meet them on a routine basis. Collection has to be as efficient as possible. Old-fashioned door-to-door rent payment is not sufficient.
Mailing in the money is still acceptable, but there is a lag time. A good property management company in San Diego is going to have the option of electronic transfers provided to tenants. Alter Vista Properties can see to it that rent is collected promptly.
We Communicate
Rent collection begins with communication with more than one party. We talk with our clients about cash flow, and how to make certain the right amount of money is in accounts at the right time of the month. We then work with the tenants. We talk to them about setting up electronic transfers and the time of the month when it will take place. Any difficulties that may occur in the rent collection process is handled professionally and accurately. Alto Vista Properties has considerable experience in setting up such transactions, and electronic transfers get deposited into a landlord’s account quickly.
Property management related bills must be paid, and Alta Vista Properties will transfer the proper amounts on time. A landlord will not have to deal with any late charges because of us. Rent, as well as other financial transactions, have to be recorded for tax purposes. Alta Vista properties can provide both monthly and year-end statements, which will be sent either by mail or electronically. The services which we will provide for any client makes the financial side of owning rental property much, much easier.
Alta Visa Properties Can Handle the Cash
The money portion of any property management in San Diego is the hardest part of owning apartments or houses for rent. We have been providing service to landlords in San Diego for over 30 years, and we can monitor the cash inflow and outflow. This gives peace of mind to an already very busy owner. The size of the rental portfolio does not provide any major challenge for us, because of our experience with all types of clients. You can rest assured that money handling is going to be as smooth as silk.
Alta Vista Properties also provides other services to landlords. This includes expertise in marketing and tenant retention. It is our goal to see to it that owning property and renting it is a profitable undertaking. Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you.

Posted by: michaela on September 13, 2016
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