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Survive The Tenant Wars

Landlords are not looking for trouble. They want to have a good relationship with those who rent their apartments. Unfortunately, calm waters are not always possible. Some tenants are going to provide a challenge and drive a landlord half crazy.
Late payments on the rent is a hassle, but it is a minor problem compared some of the disasters a trouble tenant is going to present. Property may be something that this kind of person just does not respect. The result can be damage that may be unintentional but still has to be fixed. It is important for any resident to be able to comply with the neighborhood peace and quiet. The wrong kind of tenant can destroy the serenity with deafening music blaring from a speaker. The answer seems almost too obvious: eviction. Regrettably, it is easier said than done. There are certain landlord-tenant laws which an unruly tenant can take advantage of it blocking an easy removal.
We Can Resolve Problems
Owners in San Diego come in all sorts. Some are very experienced and know how to handle bad tenants. Many others do not, and they get confused with how to resolve the problem. It is one of the reasons for having professional property managers do the job. They have dealt with such people and know how to do things properly. AltaVista Properties can take care of that troublesome tenant.
It is true that not every encounter with the tenant is a major dilemma. It often happens that it is simply a misunderstanding. AltaVista Properties relies on years of experience to determine the severity of a particular situation. If it is a case where repair work has to be done or if the rent is a little bit late, we take immediate steps to be sure everything is taken care of. Our managers are known for excellent communication skills. We can resolve a lot of problems without any harsh words.
We know that face-to-face confrontation is not the way to handle these emergencies. There is a process a property manager will follow; we are very careful in what we do. An eviction is step-by-step handled.
Difficulties are Stopped Before They Get Started
We feel that bad tenant difficulties can be resolved before they even get started. It requires doing an excellent background check on any prospective tenant. We do not discriminate, but we make certain of the history of any prospective resident. If a problem surfaces in the record, we tread carefully. It is our intention to see to it that an unruly person does not occupy the space. Those prospective tenants who appear to be the type that will pay the rent, not cause problems, and stay for a while longer than usual are the ones we focus on.
Good communication is an important part of avoiding tenant problems. It means responding to emergencies quickly and not allowing them to just simmer. We have the capability of replying to the tenant’s call 24/7. If there is an emergency AltaVista Properties is careful to make sure that due process is followed in any removal situation.
Quick response is a way of seeing to it little flames dies out before they become major fires. Any property owner is busy and does not want to have to deal with bad tenants. AltaVista Properties can take this burden off of your shoulders. It just requires that you get in touch with us we will discuss in detail all services have which will benefit you. Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you.

Posted by: michaela on September 5, 2016
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