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Keeping Up With The Property

The landlord would like to believe the property will take care of itself. Once a revenue flow of rent starts coming in, the owner may decide not to pay too much attention to the property. After all, the only thing to worry about is renter complaints. You could not make a greater mistake if you tried.
The city of San Diego has a very active government, and there are also agencies that look at policies and procedures. Attention is paid to building codes and whether or not they need revision. The landlord could discover too late that the building codes have changed, and his or her rental is no longer compliant. It will require at that point some extensive repair or renovation work. There is also the possibility of a fine.
Damage Must Be Repaired
Not every bit of damage will be brought to the attention of the landlord. The tenant may just ignore problems such as faulty gutters and allow this to generate into a colossal problem. A landlord may discover after a tenant left that considerable water damage has resulted.
Assistance from a third-party can be worthwhile, and any property management company in San Diego can take on the assignment. Essentially, property managers in San Diego will do more than just respond to repair calls. It is their business to make sure that property is maintained at the proper building code level. Moreover, routine inspections of the rentals are what they do.
Inspections are ordinarily done at the time the tenant leaves, but they can be scheduled for other occasions as well. Alta Vista Properties will check on the status of your apartments and rental houses.
Alta Vista Properties Performs Inspections
The inspections are part of our commitment to protect the landlord’s return on investment. We’ll take a look at the property at other times besides the recent vacancy. Building codes can change without warning; we’ll make sure that your rentals are up to code. We admit you can do this yourself. You could always stay current on any changes that occur in the building codes, but the caution is, do you have the time? Moreover, do you have the relationships built with contractors to make necessary repairs? We do.
Alta Vista Properties has been in property management business for over 30 years. We have developed working collaborations with contractors who will make repair work needed to keep the rentals compliant. You need not worry about not being compliant with those building codes which suddenly change. We stay on top of all the developments, and will advise you of what to do.

Bad Tenants Are Handled Professionally
It is not easy to think about, but sometimes tenants are unruly and will damage the property. Eviction is not an easy process, but we can do it. We can assist in getting rid of unwanted tenants, and we will do it in a very proper process. Their rights are respected, but your property is protected.
After a bad tenant has gone, we will go and make sure that any needed repair work is performed. We will then aggressively market the vacancy so that it is once again occupied in a very short period. Rest assured; we will do background checks on the new tenant to be certain there are no hidden problems.
Routine matters can sometimes take a considerable amount of time. Small changes in the building could result, and we know this. Consequently, we are vigilant. You can expect the AltaVista Properties will watch out for any modification to the code, and do necessary inspections. It is just one element of the services we provide for our clients. Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you.

Posted by: michaela on August 24, 2016
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