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Bringing In The Rent

We are willing to admit there is some benefit to the traditional way of collecting rent. Having the landlord go door-to-door permits this person to develop a rapport with the tenants. The trouble is the cost greatly outweighs that benefit. It is not just the loss of very precious time. A landlord doing the traditional route may be confronted by irate residents. Moreover, the rent might not be collected.
A tenant may have any number of reasons for not having the money available at the time the landlord comes knocking. It makes it all a wasted effort. The old-school way of doing things needs to give way to modern technology. A landlord in San Diego can have the rent collected efficiently by using a property management company.
New Millennium Property Management
Property management companies know that their business depends on reputation and service. Rent is something that has to be collected and deposited in the appropriate place, the sooner, the better. Property managers in San Diego will use technology. They will set up electronic payments so that wire transfers are possible.
Predetermined dates for payment are set, and the tenant agrees to have money withdrawn from bank accounts. That is the first step of the process. Property managers will then create an automatic deposit route to the landlord accounts. All this can happen in the blink of an eye. The landlord can have money for other expenses right away. Expensive delays are thereby avoided.
Alta Vista Properties Collects the Money
Alter Vista Properties believes firmly in using technology to expedite the cash flow. We use a software package that allows for an easy creation of payment process. We can handle cash, checks, or E – checks. The money transfers are done effortlessly, and the landlord gets the rent owed right away. AltaVista Properties will also produce accurate financial statements. The owner not only knows the money is coming in but other important parts of financial management. We make an accounting of payments that includes tax information. There is no confusion.
Tenant relations do not suffer from high-tech rent collection. We see to it that any problems brought up by a resident are handled quickly. We have established a network of contractors and service providers which permit for natural resolution of challenges. There are times when tenants behave in such a fashion that they are a hazard on the property. This can call for eviction and AltaVista Properties knows how to handle such delicate situations. All procedures are correctly followed.

Financial Information is Processed
Late rent payment is a dilemma that can cause serious friction. We handle this professionally and give attendance the opportunity to make things right. We do not create arguments because all problems are handled firmly but also with great courtesy.
A landlord becomes financially successful when resources are allocated properly. This includes expenses of time. If you have some rentals, your hours are not well spent collecting rent. It is a task that can easily be outsourced to a property management company in San Diego. When you do this sure to take a look at other services provided. You want your rent collected, but you also want the financial information properly collected and prepared. AltaVista Properties offers comprehensive assistance when it comes to rent collection and finances.
We believe that our ability to collect rent is just one of the services we offer a landlord needs. We have provided service to landlords in San Diego for over 30 years; we have a track record of success. Anyone who checks on us with the Better Business Bureau knows that we are very ethical. Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you.

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