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Services Rendered Matter

Anyone who invests in San Diego rental property looks forward to an excellent return on the money spent. The landlord wants the rentals to do well and collecting rent is important. However, that is only part of property management. Other things have to be done to keep the business moving smoothly. Vacancies have to be aggressively marketed to get tenants. There also are financial reports needed to make sure that taxes are paid. Tax filings themselves have to be done on time to avoid penalties. This is all in addition to tenant service and maintaining the security of the property. A landlord with one or two rentals can handle this. If there is a multi-unit apartment complex involved or numerous houses, there is going to be a financial drain on the individual landlord. It is not just cost in money but also in time. What started out as an excellent investment can turn into an 80-hour workweek in no time at all. Property managers can make things a lot easier.
Experts Give the Best Service
Property managers are best suited to take up the load because supervising rental units is their business. It is more than just collecting the money. Services rendered will include the creation of financial reports and making sure information is ready for any tax filing. They also have the task of marketing vacancies. That is no small assignment and has to be done in a number of places.
This includes various media outlets and also social media platforms. It takes a fair amount of time, and you as a landlord have other things to do. The security and safety of the units are matters property managers take seriously. The last service is tenant relations. Property managers will deal with various problems, and try to see to it residents stay for long periods. Alta Vista Properties is one of the best property management companies in San Diego. We have a reputation for rendering high-quality service.
Alta Vista Properties Give Superior Support
Some landlords believe they can do everything by themselves. We don’t deny that if you only have one or two rentals you might be able to do everything by yourself. However, you are quickly going to find the work is not just time-consuming but incredibly tedious. You have to have the necessary software and business procedures in place to keep from being overwhelmed. There is a lot to do in writing property. It just makes sense to use AltaVista properties.
We have provided service for San Diego landlords since 1980, and we have been very successful in providing service to our clients. We handle all kinds of tense situations, and we can provide a payment system whereby electronic rent payments are made. We also make use of social media to broadcast vacancies a landlord may have. We know how important it is to persuade good tenants to renew leases and to stay as long as possible. We make a point of providing superior customer service. Complaints are handled efficiently and problems are solved. All tenants are screened by Alta Vista Properties to be certain that a shady character is not occupying rental space.

Eliminating Human Error
A landlord has to make a decision on how rental property is going to be managed. Human error is something that an overstressed landlord may commit, and can cause some far-reaching consequences. When you have AltaVista Properties as your property management company, those errors don’t happen. We have a track record of excellent service, and we encourage you to check the Better Business Bureau about us. We certainly stand the test of scrutiny. Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you.

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