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Filling Empty Housing Space

Filling Empty Housing Space
Occupancy is the only way to make money with rental property. You need to have tenants in the apartments or the house on a long-term basis. Vacancies will create an extended drain on your fiscal reserves, as you are forced to spend money to pay for the loan and the ordinary expenses. It is not easy even in San Diego to maintain occupancy.
Use a Third Party to Get Tenants
Even though San Diego is a big metropolitan area, there is an awful lot of choice. Landlords in San Diego, who just wait for prospective tenants, will be twiddling their thumbs for a long time. There has to be a very proactive approach to getting people. It requires fairly aggressive marketing. There has to be a way of using social media to get the attention of people looking for a house or apartment to rent. It is going to take the time you may not have the luxury of spending. A smart real estate investor will use a property management company in San Diego to help.
The primary reason to go with a third-party is the size of the net in its network. Property management companies have exposure on social media platforms, and can post vacancies that will be viewed by thousands of people. This is in addition to the traditional contacts these companies have developed over the years. Property managers can actively source tenants because they have the time to do it. You may only be able to access your friends and family, and they might not be able to fill all of the rental units.
Also, the property managers provide a service that not too many landlords are familiar with. It is tenant retention. It is just as critical to have existing tenants stay in their apartments unless you wish to do large scale recruiting every year. Tenant retention strategies are means by which the resident is encouraged to renew the lease after the old one has expired. There is more to these tactics than giving away a month or two of free rent. The key factor is experience in dealing with residents of the rental property. You’ll discover that Alta Vista Properties is an expert in filling space in your apartment units and houses.
We Fill the Vacancies
It is primarily because we had been doing this type of work for years in the San Diego rental market. We have the ability to use our social media platform accounts to generate interest in your property. Alta Vista Properties will take a very proactive approach, and will do its best to have every rental unit occupied.
A primary reason why people stay year after year in a rental unit is the service they receive. It means things like taking care of repairs quickly, responding to complaints effectively and making sure that rent payment is as convenient as possible. We respect the tenants of our client properties. We do not talk down to them, and we are very professional in our dealings. Not every property management company in San Diego can make the same claim. We also have a few practices that we employ to persuade people to stay. These are centered around convenience and close attention to needs. You will discover that when your property is under the supervision of Alta Vista properties, the residents have a tendency to like when they are and to stay there. What this allows you as a landlord is to receive that reliable stream of income you are hoping to get.
Empty units are a drain on finances. You still have to pay the insurance and any mortgage obligations whether you have a resident or not. Alta Vista properties will fill the vacancies quickly. Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you.

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