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Property Management Can Be Technology Driven

Property Management Can Be Technology Driven
Time-saving. Convenience. Efficiency. These are three qualities to look for in property management companies if you are a landlord or real estate investor with multiple units. You have a lot of work that you need to do. The property manager is supposed to take the lion share of your burden off the shoulders, allowing you to concentrate on other things. As you interview the various third-party companies, you have to look carefully at what they do on a routine basis.
Old-School Creates New Problems
It is smart to have a list of questions to ask before you interview these companies. The queries should concentrate on the time-saving abilities as well as the convenience and efficiency of services provided. Listen very careful to how property management companies handle basic chores such as rent collecting or screening of prospective tenants. If it appears they handle everything either by direct contact or telephone calls, there are some problems. Rent may not be coming on a timely basis, and emergency repairs are delayed because of traditional means of contacting the right parties. If you have only one or two rental properties, this might not be a problem. Multiunit portfolios, however, require technology for efficient management.
A prospective third-party to whom you will farm out your rental responsibilities has to demonstrate a connection with the Internet. There has to be a possibility of online payment of rent, links to vendors or emergency needs, and also the ability to produce statements in a timely fashion. Technology sees to it that those statements are accurate, and human error is minimal. Important activities such as screening tenants or marketing property are best handled through technology. If a property management company can show it has the means to perform rental comparisons easily, this makes its service that much more convenient to use. AltaVista Properties has the modern tools needed to manage your property proactively.
We Use the Best Software
We can handle large portfolios of property because of our connection to the right software. What we use provides some of the best solutions to challenges in property management.
• Better Marketing. We can advertise vacancies online, and we can use numerous listing sites. Alta Vista Properties has the capability of accepting applications coming from smartphones.
• Effective Screening. We do background checks and credit checks in a matter of minutes thanks to our software.
• Online Payment Options. We can provide tenants with several convenient ways in which they can pay their rent electronically. The cash flow is not interrupted by the delays caused by manual collection.
• Immediate Access to Statements. You have every right to know information regarding your property. Owner statements are retrievable from an online Owners Portal. We are also able to create reports that you need, and even those which you only want for information sake. It is not a problem for us all.
The advantage of using the software comes with convenience and efficiency. It goes without saying that there is time-saving involved as well. Alta Vista Properties is able to respond to situations effectively. We see to it that emergencies don’t become disasters. We also are concerned about a steady stream of income, and you can be assured that rents are collected timely and resident problems and quickly.
We are a family owned property management company in San Diego, and we have worked with clients for many years. Our priority is to see to it that you do not have to worry about the day-to-day activity. Let us do it for you. Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you.

Posted by: michaela on July 7, 2016
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