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Dealing With A Complaint Takes A Plan

It would be fantastic if rental properties had no problems at all. That is a fantasy because stuff happens and tenants complain. These are the kind of challenges you cannot allow to go unnoticed. Residents who have complaints don’t forget them and may take action.
Issues Will Happen
They do have a right to complain if something has gone wrong. Rent in San Diego is not cheap, and anyone living in a rental pays to have problems addressed. Failure to reply appropriately and not resolving a complaint is going to create serious friction. Tenants react negatively to long delays. The response to being ignored can come in some harsh ways. Obviously, a tenant may trash the property and not care about losing the deposit. Other kinds of damage are not physical but very expensive. A landlord’s reputation can be put at stake. Yelp is a consumer review board and can be filled with complaints.
Disgruntled tenants can send in complaints to Yelp, and a landlord may find it difficult to rent out the property to new people. A worst case scenario is a situation where formal grievances are filed with public agencies. The response to a tenant complaint is not easy. There’s no one set way of doing it. Response to a leaky faucet is different than that of a burglary. A typical landlord may not be familiar with how to react. A landlord has to have a plan of action to respond to tenant discontent.
Property Managers Know How to React
Established property management companies in San Diego will have a plan of action to deal with the criticisms. These are not drastic efforts, but the process by which a response is made. The same companies will already have a network of repair people such as plumbers and electricians to call for a needed response. The objective is to see to it that the complaints are handled as quickly as possible. Alta Vista Properties has such procedures established to serve tenants better.
Years of Response Experience
We are a family owned company and have served the San Diego metropolitan area landlords for many years. We established relationships with various repair professionals, and the properties we manage are serviced quickly.
Landlords get into trouble because of the way they answer a complaint. A casual remark or sarcasm can only serve to infuriate tenant. Alta Vista respects the renter and the issue. We understand sometimes the tone is a result of frustration. We investigate the cause of the complaint, and if there’s a problem, we will correct it.
Follow-up is essential in keeping a complaint from becoming a major issue. We do more than just make a call to the appropriate service. We will follow up with tenants to be sure that what the correction has been done. We also make note of the incident so that there is a record. A landlord can be assured that he or she will not see their name in a formal complaint to a public agency. AltaVista Properties steps in and responds to any problem courteously.
It is good business sense to have a property management company in San Diego take care of issues. A landlord does not have time to handle all complaints and a property management company makes the time. The best decision of all is to use Alta Vista Properties to supervise apartment complexes or even individual rentals. We allow landlords to sleep easier at night because the phone by their bedside is not ringing off the hook with tenant concerns. Handling complaints are just one of the many services we have to offer. We encourage you to inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you.

Posted by: michaela on June 10, 2016
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