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Challenges with tenants

Bad Tenants Behaving Badly

Tenants come in all shapes and manners. The large majority are honest and will pay the rent on time. They also maintain the property without being asked. Unfortunately, there always are a few rotten apples in the barrel. These can make a rental property a migraine for the owner. It isn’t just the attitude, but the time you have to spend correcting the mistakes these careless people make.
Ethically Challenged
When we say careless, we mean the tenant could not care less about the inconvenience they provide. These are people who are more than just late on the rent. They may have a history of playing fast and loose with the landlord. Worst-case scenarios happen when a tenant tries to represent himself or herself as the owner of the property. This dishonest person will attempt to rent, or even sell, the property to an unsuspecting victim.
It might sound incredible but bad things can and will happen. A bad tenant may have a history of taking advantage of situations. The only way to prevent such a person from renting is doing a background check. This investigation is time-consuming and the landlord may not know where to go. A property management company has the experience and knows where to look. The same staff of professionals have dealt with unruly tenants in the past and know how to handle the situation.
Eviction is Not Easy
Evicting a tenant is a process. Procedures have to be followed carefully so as not to violate a standing law. A landlord who is not familiar with the steps can create problems he or she is not hoping to have. Property management companies in San Diego are familiar with what has to be done. It is not true that it is impossible to evict a bad tenant. Due process, however, must be followed. Alta Vista Properties knows how to handle bad tenants
Alta Vista Properties Has Experience
Alta Vista Properties is a family owned property management company serving landlords in San Diego. We understand how difficult tenants sometimes can be, and we have experience in dealing with them.
Make no mistake, we are not unfair or unreasonable with unruly tenants. What we do is follow the letter of the law, and make sure they do the same. Background checks on prospective tenants is a service we provide. It helps make certain that a problem is not inherited, and our work is within the guidelines of fair housing.
A landlord may have a number of rentals which require attention. Alta Vista Properties can provide the overall supervision of a property investment, seeing to it that the landlord’s time is not taken up by various issues. We can handle the administration of day-to-day activities such as rent collection and making sure repairs are done on a routine basis. If you decide later on that you wish to sell your property, we can certainly assist in finding buyers for you. The primary focus of what we do is to be sure that a landlord gets the full value of the property. Bad tenants will prevent that from happening. Alta Vista Properties does everything that is necessary, and within the guidelines of the law, to keep problems at an absolute minimum.
We take great pride in the service that we give to landlords in the San Diego Metropolitan Area. We’ve established a reputation as being a high-quality property management company, and we work at maintaining that credibility. Dealing with bad tenants is just one of the things that a good property management company will do. We can explain in greater detail how our service will make your life a lot easier. Please do feel inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you.

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