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A Property Must Be Serviced

It is not that difficult to do your service calls if you are renting out one or two units. The trouble happens when you own a dozen or more, and there is a major power failure in the area. The same is possible for a big storm causing disruption. You are dealing with a lot of calls from your tenants all at once. You cannot handle all of them. It is more than just a nightmare; it is a walk through hell.
The Tenants Want Service
You find out in a hurry that it doesn’t matter how friendly relationships are when your tenants expect service right away. They’re not going to all be patient if the plumbing has gone wrong or the appliances do not work. You must deal with a situation where there’s simply too much to do.
If things weren’t bad enough with you overstretched by tenant complaints, there remains the condition of the rental units. If repairs are not done the property will gradually slip away from the building code standards they need to comply with. You have reason enough to use a property management company to help you out of a sizable jam.
Professional Property Management Can Help
You could go through the Yelp listings to find plumbers and electricians but why waste the time? Property managers have developed relationships with such professionals. They know who they can call on in the event of a critical emergency. Property management companies also have established procedures for a crisis. When a storm hits or a system failure occurs, the property management staff puts into operation the emergency plan. The crisis which might have turned into a disaster is addressed and resolved in short order.
The smart real estate investor will do a cost-benefit analysis. You will be paying a fee to the property management company, but you are paying for their expertise. If you try to find a repairman to take care of the problem could be making some mistakes. Property management companies in San Diego and develop relationships that have stood the test of time. They know who the best plumbers and best electricians are.
Alta Vista Properties is the Best
If you’re looking for property management company in San Diego that provides all the right service, then AltaVista Properties is the one for you. We are a family owned company and have worked in the San Diego area for quite some time. We have been able to build relationships with contractors and residential repair companies. These relationships allow us to respond rapidly to emergencies. If the electricity goes out in one of your rental units during the night, you can roll over in bed and go back to sleep. Alta Vista Properties is on top of things; we make sure the emergency is resolved before dawn.
Seeing to it that repairs happen quickly is just one of the essential services Alta Vista Properties provides for clients. We can also help with rent collection, deal with unruly tenants, and see to it that the value of the property is kept high. That is crucial in San Diego. Real estate needs to grow steadily up in net worth for the investor to make a serious profit.
You may be a hands-on type person and that is commendable in many situations. However, if you are dealing with dozens of rental units in an apartment complex it is going to be more than you can reasonably handle. Professional property management makes sense for anybody for whom time is incredibly precious.
You need professional property managers to provide repair service if for no other reason than your peace of mind. We would welcome the chance to be able to speak with you about what AltaVista properties can do. Please do feel free to inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you.

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