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Collecting Payments For Rent

The whole idea behind investing in real estate is to develop a steady stream of income. The rent is supposed to not only cover the expense of maintaining the property, but also to allow for some income. The difficulty can lie in collecting the rent. This isn’t as easy as you would hope it might be.
It is rarely a situation of dealing with an irate or stubborn tenant. Many times the individual just happens not to be at home. The bottom line is the money required is not received. This can be a real hassle for an investor. It can cause some problems in maintaining the property as well.
Rent Collection Can Be Complicated
The good news is that there are ways of getting the rent which doesn’t require angry words. This can include automatic payments from the bank or arrangements where money is routinely delivered to a specific location. The difficulty arises when you have to think about the administration of more than one unit. As a landlord, you may be dealing with 20 or more units. You also may be looking at a situation where payments are scheduled for different times of the month. The last thing you want to do is try to collect the rent in person; it can lead to a rough situation. All of this is in addition to the enormous amount of paperwork necessary. You have to keep a record of who is currently delinquent, and the government wants its fair share of taxes. All the paperwork has to be correct or there are some severe consequences.
This is not to say that you can do this all by yourself. It is possible if you have the knowledge and the software. You also have to have the time. If you don’t, you will discover that you are not getting all the money you deserve to receive. You face a nightmare of trying to get all the paperwork in order. The more you look at the situation the more you can appreciate having a good San Diego property management company. This can take a great deal off your shoulders and see to it things are not correct. Alta Vista Properties can do the job for you.
A Well-Deserved Reputation for Competence
AltaVista Properties has created a sterling reputation in San Diego property management. We see to it that our clients are provided with high-quality service, as well as the income they expect. Taking care of the rent is something that we do quite well. We are familiar with the various forms of collecting the monthly rent owed. Our people have a great deal of experience with paperwork; we can help arrange for automatic payments and online transfers. The most important feature of our San Diego property rental services is efficiency. AltaVista Properties respects the fact that landlords want things done with as few hassles as possible. Working with us is a way to guarantee you have fewer headaches when it comes to the rent. We can prepare the required forms when it comes to taxes. We can also deal effectively with any tenant who is starting to become delinquent in payment.
Why should you have to worry about rent payments and stubborn tenants when you do not have to be concerned? Our experience with property management is worth its weight in gold to you. As you develop your real estate portfolio, you’re going to appreciate more how a third-party can make life considerably easier. You can take a look at the reviews on Yelp to find out how professional our staff is and the type of customer service you can expect. Properly collected rent is going to create a wonderful income stream for you. We can help. Please feel free to inquire about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at

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